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Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu predicts that the gaming segment is set to welcome an influx of toolkits melding artificial intelligence (AI) into the nonplayer characters (NPCs). He considers 2024 to feature more game developers integrating intelligent NPCs.

Siu considers that the nonplayer characters could, in the future, entirely rely upon artificial intelligence to live eternally on the blockchain and multiple games. 

Animoca Co-founder Optimistic of Eternal NPCs on Blockchain Games

Siu admitted in his prediction that integrating eternal NPCs on blockchain and multiple games would take years to realize. Nonetheless, Siu demonstrated that players are bound to witness the inklings of the technology in the coming year. 

Siu disclosed in an interview with the media that games are bound to build experiences that favor interactions with the NPCs. As such, the Hong Kong-based entrepreneur revealed that the world is edging closer to witnessing AI-powered agents that can successfully act on one’s behalf. 

AI Trading

The angel investor behind the game software company noted that several community-run and open-source projects have successfully unveiled game models. This allows the players to converse with the NPCs, particularly by plugging the in-game characters into the generative AI platforms. The integration facilitates the response generation and voice synthesizing. 

Although the models run with relatively unpolished designs, Siu observed that they accommodate NPCs’ responses. The Vienna-born investor pointed out that some NPCs make facial expressions relative to the player’s input. 

AI-Powered NPCs Harbor Human Behaviors

Siu prediction of increased AI-powered NPCs coincides with the prevailing trend of big tech firms targeting unique AI for the NPCs. This year, US-based chipmaker NVIDIA unveiled the ACE for Fames tool. The toolkit launched in May targets facilitating game developers to tap their intelligence into the NPCs by leveraging the AI natural language processing. 

Microsoft seeks the early mover benefits following the move by the console gaming brand Xbox. Last month, it unveiled a partnership with Inworld AI, eyeing the creation of a developer toolset for generating dynamically generated narratives, dialogues, and quests within video games.

Siu illustrated the April study conducted by Stanford University, where 25 AI agents were positioned within a virtual town. The researchers reported evidence of the agents holding parties and seemingly meaningful conversations. The development led the Stanford University researchers to conclude that the AI agents demonstrated human behaviors. 

Siu iterated that the blockchain-based NPC AI mandates finding a mechanism to sustain its existence. He indicated that such should manage to settle its bills and data for it to have eternal traits. 

Developers Threading AI Agents in Games 

Siu’s prediction echoes the pronouncement by Yield Guild Games’ Gabby Dizon, who reflected on how Web3-based game developers were threatening AI into their products in November. In particular, he acknowledged developers tapping Ethereum’s ERC-6551 token standard to integrate AI into games. Such facilitates the creation of AI agencies working on the player’s behalf.

Dizon observed that players can issue instructions directing the in-game AI, thereby automating the grind within some video games. The in-game AI nurtures the capability to execute repetitive actions, including item crafting and collection relative to the requirements to level up. 

Dizon predicted that the continued threading of AI agents into game development would create a new genre. It would allow interactions with the AI to save time that one would use playing the game all day. The genre would enable players to set parameters for the AI agency and let it execute various things within the game world.  

Inworld AI co-founder and chief product executive Kylan Gibbs hailed the AI-powered NPCs as capable of evolving beyond executing the predefined roles. 

Gibbs indicated that the latest version of NPCs can learn from emergent interactions, adapt to the player’s behavior, and yield a living game world. 

Gibbs urged gaming companies and developers to seize the opportunity by shifting from the scripted dialogue contest and instead embracing the dynamic player-driven narratives to refine immersion in a manner driving replayability, earnings, and retention. 

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