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Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) lauded its latest software installed to boost its mining capacity. As such, the Bitcoin miner reported a spike in the mining capacity to 1245 bitcoins in May following the integration of proprietary software. 

The Bitcoin miner attributes the higher production to the increased hashrate. The firm, led by Tred Theil, reported earning higher transaction fees accounting for 11.8% of bitcoin made in May. The Friday, June 2 statement shows its operational computing power rose by 9% to realize 15.2 exahash/second (EH/S).

mining Pool and Proprietary Software Optimize Production

Theil revealed in a subsequent interview with CoinDesk TV that Marathon’s proprietary software fueled the majority of increased production. The software facilitates Marathon’s ability to control the machine’s output and uptime. He added that the software scaled the machine’s hash rate. 

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Theil confirmed that Marathon Digital established a wholly-owned mining pool. Luxor Technologies chief operating executive Ethan Vera indicated that establishing a mining pool yielded clarity on the fluctuations in bitcoin mining to the expected value. The executive from the mining services firm lauded the in-house mining pool as one easing optimization of bitcoin production. 

The report by Marathon Digital acknowledged the higher revenues realized in the early weeks of May. Theil attributed the higher earnings to improved transaction fees as the Ordinals gained popularity.

Block Space Demand Increases

The Marathon protocol facilitated the additional functionality to expedite Bitcoin blockchain operations. Besides, it eased the functionality supporting memecoins and nonfungible tokens. Its accomplishment triggered increased demand for the existing block space.

The additional block space enabled the generation of additional income besides the sale of mined income. Consequently, Marathon Digital admitted that its transaction fees exceeded the block rewards earned in May.  

Vera observed that Ordinals had facilitative input towards the bitcoin miners with extensive scale, including Marathon Digital. He attributed the 77% monthly increment to the optimal running of machines in May. 

Marathon Digital Optimized Production in May

Vera admitted that Marathon hardly ran the mining machines at their full capacity. Instead, Marathon attained optimal production capacity in May following the integration of the proprietary software. 

Marathon Digital disclosed an anticipated 15% decline in Bitcoin production in April due to increased network difficulty. Also, the miner battled curtailment activity leading to declined bitcoin production. 

The report by Marathon Digital shows the subpar performance was evident in little bitcoin per exahash owing to the downtime in the mining machines. April saw Marathon Digital mine 50 bitcoin per unit exahash to lack the lowest among the publicly listed mining firms. 

Comparative scrutiny of the mining segment shows CleanSpark (CLSK) realized 78. Riot Platforms attained 61, with Hive Blockchain producing 81 per exahash. 

Marathon Digital Operational Highlight

Operational highlight of Marathon Digital’s performance in May shows the potential to catch up with its peers. In particular, the operational hashrate increased by 9% month-over-month to realize 15.2 exahashes. Also, the installed hashrate grew by 13% month-over-month to accomplish 20.1 exahashes from 17.9 in April. 

The firm’s average bitcoin production rose 72% from 23.4 in April to 40.2. It marked a 366% turnaround for a firm that only mined 8.6 bitcoin a year ago. The energized hash rate rose 291% from 3.9 to 15.2 within 12 months. The installed hashrate increased by 416% from 3.9 to 20.1 a year.

The completion of Applied Digital’s facility within Ellendale will optimize the fleet towards accomplishing its 23 EH/s goal by July 2023. Marathon reported that 5500 miners were energized within the facilities, with another 53000 S19 in Ellendale. 

The report shows the rest of the units energized within the Jamestown facility, where it launched the initial deployment of immersion mining. The firm’s operating fleet rose to 133600 bitcoin miners with the potential to produce 15.2 EH/s.

Marathon Digital confirmed partnering with Brink to raise $1 million towards supporting Bitcoin Core developers in May. The Bitcoin miner confirmed raising $800,000 for the Bitcoin Core developers in four days.

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