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Equithy Global is undeniably a standout premium broker in the marketplace. With its cutting-edge trading platform, users can enjoy an intuitive and seamless trading experience, making it the go-to choice for experienced traders. The broker's remarkably tight spreads give traders a competitive advantage, enabling them to maximize their profits. Before you embark on your trading journey, be sure to read our comprehensive Equithy Global review on equithy-global.com. It provides all the essential information you need to know about this reliable broker for online trading.
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Equithy-Global.com Review


Headquarters111 Worship St, London, EC2A 3NQ
LeverageLeverage of up to 1:500
Min deposit$250
PlatformsWebtrader for desktop and mobile
Tradable InstrumentsForex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Indices
Demo accountYes
Base CurrenciesUSD, EUR & GBP
Customer support24 / 5
Active Clients60,000 plus
CryptocurrenciesOver 50 pairs
Support Number+442037691590

Pros & Cons

Accommodates a variety of base currenciesNot available to traders in US
Account creation process is straightforwardNo support for MT4 or MT5
Offers a vast selection of financial instrumentsN/A
Provides access to various tradable marketsN/A
No fees associated with depositsN/A


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Choosing a broker is a very hectic task. It may require a lot of research and experience to distinguish between a bogus and good broker. Equithy Global is a broker working in the market of online trading and offering some pretty fascinating features, which we will discuss in this Equithy Global review.

There have been a lot of evolution that have changed the dynamics of the world. The Internet is one of those inventions which have allowed humans to make their lives easier. Let us go back to history. People didn’t know what was going around in the world when the internet was not introduced. But when the internet was opened for the general public, it changed the way humans work. It has reduced the stress from human lives by a significant portion, and this implies to the trading markets as well.

Equithy Global mobile trading platform

The traders who had to leave their towns and go to different places to trade can now trade at their fingertips. No one would have imagined at that time about this invention. But now that it has been introduced, why not take some advantage from it and earn money. Earning money has never been this easy before.

You don’t have to do anything or go anywhere physically. All you have to do is invest your money in the online trading market, wait for the prices to go high, and then sell them. This is how experienced traders have made fortunes out of this market. They invest in an asset when the market crashes, and then they wait for it to rebuild. Once the prices go higher from the buying point, they sell their assets and take out the money as profits.

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But it is not as simple as it seems. I am not saying this to demotivate you, but to understand that online trading is not a cup of tea for everyone. The first thing that you have to do is register yourself with a trading platform. You can’t enter the market on an individual basis without any affiliation with the trading platform. Different types of trading platforms are offering their services in the market of online trading.

But the best way to do it is through a broker. Let me tell you why. Other trading platforms offer you a place to exchange your currency with the assets you want to buy. Here you have to test your skills, and there is no one to help you if you are inexperienced. For beginners and experienced traders, the best way to trade online is through a broker because it provides you the platform where you can trade online assets and provide you the support and experience that beginners lack. When you enter this market, you will observe that many factors play a role in the prices of an asset.

You can’t master every factor and predict the market if you don’t have any prior experience. But you should keep in mind that brokers have been working in this market for years and know what is going on. They are aware of the latest trends and news related to the online market, and they can help you make better investment plans according to the market.

If you are interested in trading with a broker, you have to read this article until the end because there is a lot to discuss that will help you improve your trades. But before we start with our context, let me tell you that choosing a good broker is very important for traders. I have told you that a broker can help you to improve your trades.

This is the case if you manage to register with a good broker. If you register with a bogus trading platform, then you won’t be able to enjoy the perks of a broker. Instead, you might have to face some losses because of your bad broker. I am pretty sure that no one would ever want that; this is why you need to research a broker before you join it.

This brings us the next most important question, how to tell if a broker is a scam or legitimate? In this online trading market, if you don’t know how to distinguish between a legitimate and a scam broker, then you should learn it before you choose your broker. Unfortunately, many scammers are roaming in this market and are focused on scamming young traders and stealing their money. But you don’t have to get scared about it; I am here to help you out. The best thing that will distinguish good brokers from scams is the regulatory status of that broker.

Many financial regulatory authorities are working in this market. They are constantly trying to make this market better and safer for the traders, and this is why they have designed some standards which a broker has to meet if he wants to get regulated. If these authorities regulate a broker, then it means that it is most likely to be a legitimate broker. But other than that, there is another thing which you should focus on as well. When looking for a broker, you should be clear about what you require from your broker. If a broker is fulfilling your demands, then you are good to register with it.

This can be done if you research for a broker, but it is very lengthy and difficult. Therefore, I have made it easier for you and researched this broker named Equithy Global. To make it better for you, I have compiled this list of the features that are offered by Equithy Global so that you can get a better idea of what to decide regarding this broker. So let us start with the list.

Equithy Global - experts in online trading

Modern Trading platform

The first thing on the list is the trading platform. If you don’t understand what a trading platform means, then let me explain it to you. A trading platform is a software that a broker provides. This software contains all the tools and features which a broker offers. If you link the online market with the physical market, then the trading platform acts as the office of a service provider where the team of that firm is working, and everything is managed from that office.

The trading platform is the most underrated feature by most brokers, but Equithy Global is different from others. This broker focuses on every small detail, which plays a huge role in improving a trader’s experience. When you visit the trading platform of Equithy Global, you will see that the platform is based on a very modern and sleek look. The overall presentation of the platform is very satisfying with the use of illustrations and contrasting colors.

Equithy Global is not only focusing on the looks and design of the trading platform. It is providing you everything that will enhance your trading experience. Please look at the tabs of this platform. Every tab indicates its content, which makes it easier for the trader to navigate through the platform easily. Whenever you want to do a task, it is done within no time, and this allows traders to trade quickly through the platform. Many other brokers who are offering trading platforms are not focusing on this point.

Their platforms feel outdated, and they are very slow and laggy. But Equithy Global has changed the way trading platforms work; this is why most of the traders who have worked with Equithy Global are satisfied with the platform provided by Equithy Global. It is very amazing the way Equithy Global has designed its platform. It caters the needs of every trader, no matter if you are an inexperienced trader who has just joined the market and is still learning or an experienced trader who has the skills and potential to perform big trades. This trading platform will provide you every advanced tool that can help you achieve those high targets of your profits. But nothing is unorganized; everything offered by this broker is kept in its place, making it easier for the trade to navigate through.

The best thing about this trading platform is yet to come. There are many good things about the trading platform of Equithy Global, but the most important feature is that you are able to trade from any device you want. You can trade the assets with the help of this trading platform. This makes it very easy for the traders to stay connected to the trading market even if they are not at their homes. There is an application on the google play store available for android devices that will give you the ultimate trading experience on your mobile.

Safety And Security Of Equithy Global

Safety is a vital feature for every broker. You should keep in mind that traders provide their information to the platforms when they are registering with them. That information may include your personal and financial data, which is very confidential. To protect this data from hackers, Equithy Global has taken many measures which add to the security of this platform. It is something that is not common in other trading platforms. They are not focusing on the security of the traders, and this is why the scam cases are increasing day by day. Other brokers think that security is not their responsibility, but it is. The information that is provided by the traders is the responsibility of the broker to take care of and keep safe.

Equithy-global.com web trader

Equithy Global has infused the latest encryption technology to restrict hackers from entering into the trading platform and stealing trader’s data. If you are not a tech geek and don’t know much about this technology, then let me help you. Encryption technology keeps the data under multiple layers of passwords. Just like you add one password to your account to access it, encryption technology adds layers of random passwords to access that file. These passwords are only known to the trader’s device and can’t be accessed by any other party. If hackers somehow manage to bypass the security checkpoints of this broker and enter the trading platform, even then, he won’t be able to access your data, and you would be satisfied when you are trading.

The next thing that is done by Equithy Global is the adoption of privacy policies. There are two different types of privacy policies that Equithy Global offers. The first one is KYC or Know Your Customer policy which requires traders to prove their identities and residence. You must be wondering why you have to prove these to a broker? This is to segregate legitimate traders from the scammers because they never reveal their valid identities.

It is the way these scammers work that they would never want their identities to be revealed. The second policy that is adopted by Equithy Global is named AML or Anti Money Laundering policy. This policy is responsible for restricting any illegal activities from happening on the platforms. There have been cases reported where traders have done money laundering using trading platforms. This is why the authorities have made this policy mandatory for every regulated trading platform. According to this policy, the broker will keep an eye on the transactions that have been made by the trader so that no illegal transactions can be performed.

If security is your major concern, then Equithy Global is the best option you have. This broker is offering you a complete package that includes fascinating features along with that ultimate peace of mind while you are trading.

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Customer Support Service

Customer support service is the backbone of any brokerage firm. Online trading is conducted through online means. This makes trading platforms the only contact available between traders and the broker. To avoid any confusion or errors, Equithy Global has offered a very responsive customer support service to its traders.

No doubt, the trading platform of Equithy Global has already been designed in a way to minimize the chances of any error or bug. But the broker knows that in the world of the internet, anything can go wrong at any time. To help traders continue their smooth trading experience, Equithy Global has to provide a customer support service that consists of a whole team of professionals which is available at any time you want. No matter what type of error you face, you can reach out to the customer support team of Equithy Global and get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

Trading Assets Of Equithy Global

Online trading is not about investing your money in one place. If you want to become a professional trader, then you should trade like one as well. Experienced traders never invest their money in one place. Instead, they divide their investment and put their money in different assets to minimize the risk of loss. But this is possible only if your trading platform is offering multiple trading assets to choose from. Otherwise, you will have to register with multiple brokers to trade different assets, but if all of those assets are offered to you under one roof, then what else do you want? Here is the list of assets that Equithy Global offers:

  • Cryptocurrencies

The first type of trading asset that is offered by Equithy Global is cryptocurrencies. If you don’t know about cryptocurrencies, then let me tell you. There is a name that most of you have heard of these days, Bitcoin. It is the most hyped trading asset at the moment, and recently famous actors and personalities have shown their interest in this asset. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency that was introduced to the market back in 2009 by Satoshi. Ever since then, this currency has faced many ups and downs, but now it has achieved an All-Time High of more than $60,000. This may sound impossible. How can an asset go from pennies to thousands of dollars in a decade? But it is true, and if you want to invest your money in cryptocurrencies, then Equithy Global allows you to do it easily.

  • Forex market

The forex market is also known as foreign exchange, is a market where traders invest their money to buy currencies of different countries. Yes, we are talking about real-world countries. This type of trading has been in the market for a long time now and has a huge fan base. Millions of traders invest their money in forex trading and earn profits from the price fluctuations of the currency. Some of the major currencies are listed on the platform of Equithy Global, which can be traded by the traders through Equithy Global.

  • Stock market

This is one of the oldest markets of online trading. This market has a huge number of followers who invest their money to buy shares of different companies. This is why Equithy Global has included this market on its platform so that traders can buy the shares of the companies by just sitting at their homes.

  • Commodities

Commodities are the market that has a huge potential in it. There are two types of commodities; the first is soft commodities which include raw materials like wheat, rice, grain, etc. Then there is another type of commodity, hard commodities. This type includes the trading of precious metals like iron, and steel, silver, etc. traders use their investment to buy these assets and sell when the price of these materials increases.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed everything related to this broker named Equithy Global. One thing that helps me to recommend this broker to you guys is the testimonials of the traders who have worked with this broker. There is a lot of positive feedback about this broker, which proves that this is surely a good broker, and you should consider it.

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