Monday, April 12, 2021

London School of Economics (LSE) to Leverage EOS Authority Voting Data and Expertise

According to a report, the London School of Economics (LSE), a top University based in the United Kingdom will be leveraging the EOS Authority voting and expertise.

This new development was shared via Twitter by EOS Authority, the EOS Founding Block Producer.

According to the update, as the University focuses on Economic and Finance, it will be looking up to EOS’ DPoS and voting.

Additionally, from the Finance department of the same University, the team of leading experts in blockchain economics and governance will leverage EOS Authority voting data and expertise.

EOS Authority shared this, “London School of Economics (LSE), a top university with focus in Economic and Finance to look into EOS’ DPoS and voting. The team of leading experts in blockchain economics and governance from the finance department will rely on EOS Authority voting data and expertise.”

Voice now available on TokenPocket

TokenPocket, a widely used multi-chain EOS.IO-based wallet has announced that Voice, the EOS blockchain-based social media app is now available via the DApp wallet.

Voice was first unveiled by in June 2019. But the Voice Beta version was officially launched a couple of days ago. Voice is the first EOSIO product of

Voice Beta is a blockchain-based social media application created with emphasis on the users of the platform.

Voice is quite different from the contemporary social media platforms that use their users as products and deceitfully sell their personal data. Voice users would rather be rewarded for using the media platform with guaranteed security.

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