Monday, May 10, 2021

Justin Sun Responds to John McAfee’s Assertion Over His Interest In Steem

Some hours ago, the Septuagenarian cryptocurrency fan and internet security guru, John McAfee, took to Twitter to comment about the ranging controversy that is attached to the recent acquisition of Steemit and the purported takeover of Steem blockchain by the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun.

This acquisition had given rise to a series of controversies within the Steem community in recent times, which called for the opinion of many crypto big guns across other cryptographic projects.

However, the highly respected John McAfee had not shared his view regarding the developing incident until recently, via his Twitter handle.

In the trending tweet, he reminded the CEO of Tron (TRX) Justin Sun of what he possibly did not consider before making decisions on Steem blockchain governance.

He tried to make Sun understand that Steem is a community and communities cannot be bought, describing the attempt to purchase a community as someone trying to collect water with a sieve, which is totally a waste of time and resources.

John McAfee wrote this, “I believe Justin Sun forgot one thing about Steem: It is a community. And … Communities Cannot be purchased. It’s like trying to collect water With a sieve.”

As expected, the tweet was greeted with tons of mixed reactions. Some applauded his judgment, while some criticized his assertion.

Justin Sun Responds to John McAfee’s Assertion

Moments ago, the CEO of Tron Justin Sun responded to John McAfee’s view about his stern interest in Steem community and ecosystem. However, his response sounded like a clarification.

In his reply, he appreciated McAfee for lending out his view but clarified that it’s not in his intention to purchase the Steem community.

He furthered that his interest is to contribute more to the growth and development of Steem community, Network, and Steemit.

“Really appreciate your valuable advice! It is never our intention. We just want to protect our hard-earned money. We want to contribute more to Steem Network & Steemit and help the community to grow,” Justin Sun shared.

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