Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Justin Sun Makes His First Appearance on CNN, CZ Binance Reacts

Some hours ago, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron made an appearance on CNN with the First Move Anchor Julia Chatterley. This attracted the reaction of the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ, who took Sun’s picture during the conversation.

According to Sun, some of his friends that took pictures while the conversation was ongoing started sending them in tons.

This gained so many tractions probably because he was making his first appearance on the globally followed Cable News Network (CNN).

Justin Sun shared, “All my friends sent me these pictures”

CZ Binance Reacts to Justin Sun’s First Appearance on CNN

The CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao also witnessed the conversation. According to CZ, he was thrilled to see Sun at such a height.

In one of his recent tweets, CZ Binance said he stumbled on the conversation. Judging by CZ’s account, he was impressed with the hard work that aided him to this level in the industry.

CZ Binance shared this, “Saw Justin Sun on CNN today randomly. I almost never watch TV but was in a lobby. Like or hate the guy, gotta give it to him that he works hard. Try to do the same number of media interviews he does, and you will see.”

25 Billion TRX Frozen as Freezing Rate Hits 25.72%

According to TRONSCAN, one of the block explorers of the TRON network, the total TRX frozen has surpassed 25 billion, which was aided by the notable increase in the freezing rate.

TRONSCAN shared this about 24 hours ago, “Total TRX frozen has surpassed 25 billion and the freezing rate reached 25.72%! Welcome more users to freeze your TRX and vote for SRs on TRONSCAN.”

Justin Sun Corroborates the New Attainment

The CEO of Tron Justin Sun brought this new attainment to the notice of the Tron community members a few hours ago.

Justin Sun shared, “Total TRX frozen has surpassed 25 billion and the freezing rate reached 25.72%!”

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