Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Justin Sun: Approval of Voting Request Belonging to BlockchainOrg Comes with Important Features

The CEO and founder of Tron (TRX) Justin Sun has recently announced that the voting request No. 29, which corresponds with proposal No. 32 initiated by the super representative BlockchainOrg has gained approval.

The CEO also itemized the features accompany the approval in a series of tweets he shared a couple of minutes ago.

Justin Sun shared this, “At 2:00 PM on February 24 (SGT), voting request No. 29 (corresponding to proposal No. 32) initiated by the super representative BlockchainOrg has been approved.”

Important Features the Proposal Initiates

According to Justin Sun, the proposal comes with important features of the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) such as supporting batch signature verification, multi-signature verification and judging whether an address is a contract address.

In one of the tweets, Sun said the approval is capable of further enriching the application scenarios of smart contracts, enhance flexibility for application developers to write smart contracts, and introduce swift development to TRON ecology.

He shared this, “After being approved, it can enrich the application scenarios of smart contracts further, provide more flexibility for application developers to write smart contracts, and promote the rapid development of TRON ecology.”

He also added that the TRON Virtual Machine has developed with consistency after its official release. Conclusively, he pointed out that it has also evolved with Ethereum due to its compatibility.

“TRON Virtual Machine has made solid development & continuous evolution after being released. On the basis of full compatibility with Ethereum, it has made many major innovations. It is believed that TRON will attract more ecological partners & users to participate in the future,” Justin Sun concluded.

Tron Foundation Sets up TRX Whale Network

About 24 hours ago, Tron Foundation announced that it has set up a TRX WHALE Network. It thereby called on Tron community members who hold beyond 100,000 TRX to join the network.

Tron Foundation shared, “Dear TRONICS, We have set up a TRX WHALE Network. We welcome all TRONICS who hold more than 100K TRX to join. There will be first-hand news, special campaigns, offers, etc.”

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