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IronGatesFX is an online trading platform that we are reviewing for you today, our expert writers have gone over each and every aspect of the trading platform in this IronGatesFX review for you now in order to help you decide if you want to sign up with them or not. Is IronGatesFX a scam or is it legit? Find out in the full review below or go to the IronGatesFX website in the following link.

IronGatesFX Review

IronGatesFX logoA reliable broker is something that every trader wishes for, but only a few of them manage to find. IronGatesFX is a reliable broker, which I want to introduce to you in this IronGatesFX review. To check out more about this broker, stay connected.

Online trading has allowed millions of traders to make fortunes out of it. It is not like another physical trading where traders have to leave their homes and trade in different towns.

Online trading doesn’t require you to attract as many customers and sell your products with the help of your marketing skills. Online trading is different from other forms of trading.

Here you have to invest your money in an asset and wait for it to rise. You don’t have to do anything for it to go up. Instead, it will go up on its own. Now, you can imagine why every trader is talking about online trading, right? Why are you waiting? You should join the market and start earning money.

Your dreams and life goals are not so unimportant that you leave them so quickly; you have to strive for them. But how will you do that? It will be possible if you have money and the online trading market is the easiest and most reliable way to earn money through trading.

So let me tell you how this trading market works? It is a market where any random asset is listed and is circulating among the traders.

When you invest that asset, you buy a percentage of that asset at a particular price and then sell it at a higher price or at least try to sell it when it goes high. There is no hassle involved in this type of trading, and traders can trade without doing much work.

But for the traders, how can they join this market. If you are someone who has just heard about the online trading market from a friend and doesn’t know much about it, then let me tell you, how can you start trading online?

You will have to keep one thing in mind that you can’t directly access this market. This means you have to be affiliated with a trading platform if you want to trade online. To choose among different trading platforms, brokers are the best option and are recommended by many traders.

Do you want to know how brokers are better than others? It is because brokers help traders in two ways. The first one is by providing a platform where traders can trade.

Then the second one is that it also helps traders make wise decisions while investing their assets. The experience that you lack is provided to you by the broker. But it would only be possible if your broker is a professional one and takes care of the trader’s needs.

But finding such a broker was not easy. It was so confusing for the traders to choose a broker that suits them well. Everyone talked differently about a broker based on their own experiences, but this article is not the same as others.

In this article, we will cover everything offered by IronGatesFX and leave the decision up to you. If that sounds fair, then let us get into the context and start:

IronGatesFX homepage

Responsive Trading Platform

Brokers have overlooked this point a lot, but I can’t tell you how important it is for the brokers to provide a good trading platform. Here trading platform does not mean the brokerage firm. Here trading platform is the software that the broker offers.

When you use any online service, the service provider gives you a portal to manage its services. A trading platform is the same portal provided by the brokers where traders can come and do everything they want to.

Now let us look at it in this way, whenever you want to trade, you can’t go to the market on foot and buy assets, right? Instead, you will use the trading platform provided by the broker to invest in your favorite asset.

This means that the only thing that will be on your screen 24/7 will be the trading platform. IronGatesFX has considered this point, and this is why they have made sure that traders never get bored by just looking at the trading platform.

The professional designers of IronGatesFX have designed the trading platform of IronGatesFX to attract the trader every time he opens the platform.

The use of dark and light colors in the interface makes the trading platform of IronGatesFX so fascinating that at least I can never get over how good it looks.

For all the advanced traders out there, IronGatesFX is offering something for you. The team of IronGatesFX has added professional charts and advanced tools which the traders can use. Online trading is all about predicting what will happen in the future.

The trader who has the skills of predicting the market correctly is the master of this trading. But the trader who has skills along with advanced and latest technology is on the next level.

Traders have made billions of dollars with the infusion of these two features, and if you think you have the skills but your broker lacks the advanced features, then IronGatesFX is best for you.

If you think that you can’t use the advanced trading tools of IronGatesFX, you don’t have to worry about that because the professional team of IronGatesFX does not leave their traders behind on anything.

The team of IronGatesFX has designed its advanced trading tools so that it is not confusing for inexperienced traders. Regardless of your experience level, you can trade easily with the help of this broker.

As I told you earlier, this broker takes care of everything that the broker requires. This is why IronGatesFX has decided to provide multiple trading platforms that can be accessed from any device you want.

No matter if you’re going to trade from your laptop or a more handy device like a mobile phone, you can do it easily with the help of IronGatesFX.

Imagine if you are traveling somewhere, and your purchased asset gets more expensive, and you want to sell it, the market won’t wait for you to get back home and trade through your laptop. This is why you should keep this point in mind, which can be very helpful for you in trading.

IronGatesFX trading platform

Safety And Security

This department is a must to have for every broker. The security of the trader’s information and assets is the most important thing, and IronGatesFX is not compromising on it at all.

A trader has to focus on his trades rather than worrying about the security of his assets. This is why IronGatesFX has taken precautionary steps which will elevate your trading experience to the next level.

Many traders choose this broker because of this feature, IronGatesFX has professionally delivered the best services in the market, and it is all because of the experienced team of IronGatesFX.

The team is aware of the threats of the market, and this is why it is not taking any risk and has taken all security measures that can make this trading platform more secure.

Let’s start with the privacy policies of IronGatesFX. It has adopted two policies that will ensure the safety of the traders. The first one is the KYC policy or Know Your Customer policy.

When you first register yourself with this broker, you will observe that it will ask for some legal documents. These documents are very important to prove your identity to the broker.

The documents like your national ID card will prove that you are a legal citizen, and utility bills will prove your residence. These two requirements fall under the policy of KYC designed by the financial regulatory authorities to ensure the safety of the trader.

The next policy that is adopted by IronGatesFX is AML or Anti Money Laundering policy. This policy is mandatory to be adopted by regulated brokers because it helps brokers to keep an eye on any illegal activity from happening on the platform.

Other than the privacy policies, there are some other security protocols that are being met by this broker as well. This includes the latest encryption technology to keep the assets and data of the trader secure.

With the help of the latest encryption technology, the data of the trader will be kept under multiple layers of protection and will restrict any unauthorized access to it.

This means the trader himself can only access the data of the trader. All of these measures prove that IronGatesFX is a professional trading platform that is not taking any risk on the trader’s security.

IronGatesFX Safety And Security

Robust Customer Support Service

Any broker can make a trading platform, but what is not that easy is to maintain backup support. Imagine if you are trading with a broker and face any issue during your trades.

This is likely to happen because, in the world of the internet and computers, traders may face issues related to the trading platform. Not every trader has the same level of understanding.

Some of them are more comfortable with the technology, while for others, it is a bit difficult. Then how can a broker help such traders? It is through customer care.

Every big firm, whether it is operating online or offline, has to provide a customer support service to cater to any queries from its customers. IronGatesFX has considered this point too and is offering a very robust customer support service.

The team of customer care provided by IronGatesFX is professional and working in a transparent environment. No matter what time it is if you face any error in the services or have any query related to the trading platform.

Then you won’t have to worry about it because IronGatesFX is offering a professional team that is available 24/7 at your service. Yes, it is working during the day and night seamlessly to provide any support that you would need.

One concern that almost every trader has is whether or not this team is helpful. Let me tell you that this team of IronGatesFX is the most professional one because it has to deal with the traders directly. They talk to you in a very professional yet nice way.

When I first contacted the team of IronGatesFX, I was amazed at how friendly the team was. It just felt like I was talking to one of my friends who is working with IronGatesFX.

This thing fascinated me a lot, and I told other traders about it. You will be surprised by looking at their reaction. They seem to like it as something they have always wanted but never got from any other broker.

Trading markets Of IronGatesFX

A broker’s reliability is proven from the point of how many options is it giving to the trader. IronGatesFX has left no market which is not offered on its platform.

We know that every trader has his own preference when it comes to trading assets. It is the sign of a professional broker that it will cater to every trader’s needs. IronGatesFX is offering the following markets to the traders.

  • Stock market

One of the oldest markets, the stock market, has a huge fan following. Millions of traders are willing to invest their money in this market because of its reliability. The traders who are trading in this market are unlikely to invest in other markets; this is why stocks have been added to the trading platform of IronGatesFX.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Newly released digital currency is taking over the world very rapidly. In 2009, when the first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was introduced, not many traders were aware of this asset and thought that this market wouldn’t last that long.

But the world has now seen the true potential of this market. So, if you are interested in investing your money in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then IronGatesFX allows you to do that along with all the perks that I mentioned earlier.

  • Forex trading

IronGatesFX has taken care of forex trading lovers as well. It is offering a wide variety of popular currency pairs for traders who want to trade forex. If you are someone who doesn’t know much about this market, it is a market where traders invest their money to buy different currencies worldwide.

  • Commodities

This market is less known to the traders, but that doesn’t mean it has any less potential than other markets. Commodities have two types; soft commodities and hard commodities.

These two types of commodities are different raw materials like wheat, rice, metals, etc., to be traded by the traders. Luckily, IronGatesFX has added this market for the traders who are interested in trading commodities.

IronGatesFX assets of trading

Trading Accounts Offered By IronGatesFX

To cater to every trader’s needs, IronGatesFX has designed different types of trading account, which are as follows:

  • Standard account

Standard trading account accounts are made for the traders who have just joined this market. Obviously, they won’t be much familiar with this market and want to learn more about it.

This is why IronGatesFX has kept the minimum deposit of this account $10,000, which gives you access to 1:200 leverage, up to 25% margin loan, and much more.

  • Silver account

The second account is the Silver account which is designed for the traders who have started trading but have basic knowledge about the market and trading.

For such traders, IronGatesFX has kept the minimum deposit limit at $50,000 and gives you a 35% margin loan, 24/7 account monitoring by top analyst groups, etc.

  • Gold account

Gold trading account is the third account that IronGatesFX offer. As you can tell by the name, this account is designed for experienced traders who have learned all the basic trading skills and want to elevate their trading game.

The minimum deposit limit of this account is $100,000 and opens a wide variety of features for the traders. The features of this account include up to 50% margin loan, weekly one-on-one sessions with analysts, up to 35% discount on commission, and a lot more.

  • VIP account

A VIP account is a next account that is designed for VIP traders. Traders who have been trading for years require a bit more than the usual traders.

They play big games and invest enormous amounts of money in trading. This is why the minimum deposit limit of this account is $250,000, which is a lot for inexperienced traders. But advanced traders trade this much amount of money which is why it is suitable for them.

The features of this account are pretty amazing, starting off with the first feature that is 1:300 leverage. This feature is not offered in previous accounts. Up to 75% margin loan, in-depth research to give a better analysis to the trader, VIP advisor for the VIP traders, and a lot more.

  • Pro account

The last trading account is named a Pro account. As it is obvious from the name, it is designed for professional traders who have been trading in the market for decades and know all of the techniques.

The minimum deposit limit of this account is huge; $1,000,000, and it unlocks every feature that is offered by IronGatesFX.

Final Verdict

To conclude all of this, I would say that if you are looking for a broker who is reliable and professional, then IronGatesFX is the best option you have at the moment. The traders who have worked with this broker are pretty satisfied with its services.

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