Saturday, April 10, 2021

IOTA Releases New Version of GoShimmer with Several Bug Fixes

It just came to our notice that IOTA has released the new version of GoShimmer. According to the update, the version comes with several bug fixes to enhance users’ experience.

The new development was passed across a few hours ago by a tech enthusiast working for IOTA, identified on Twitter as HusQy.

According to the tweet shared by HusQy, the new version of GoShimmer needs 400% less RAM. The developer advised the users to enable the RemoteLog plugin that possesses the ability to sends log files to a specific server automatically, which helps to investigate looming issues.

He said, “The new version of GoShimmer is out! It needs 400% less RAM (1GB+ -> 250MB) and fixes several bugs. PS: It would be nice if you could enable the “RemoteLog” plugin which sends log files to a centralized server to help us investigate potential issues.”

Below are the series of fixes contained in the new version of GoShimmer as shared on Github

  1. Adds logging of the underlying error when a neighbor connection couldn’t be established
  2. Adds the RemoteLog plugin (disabled per default) which sends log messages to a centralized logging service
  3. Removes the status screen plugin in favor of the SPA/dashboard
  4. Fixes the neighbor send queue being too small causing spam in the log
  5. Fixes a deadlock which occurred when a neighbor disconnected while at the same time a request transaction packet was getting processed which was received by the disconnected neighbor
  6. Fixes memory consumption by disabling BadgerDB’s compression
  7. Fixes analysis server WebSocket replays freezing the backend code
  8. Fixes sending on the neighbor send queue if the neighbor is disconnected
  9. Fixes Buffered Connection’s read and written bytes to be atomic

IOTA (MIOTA) is Now Live on Liquid

In another development, Liquid, the provider of liquidity, security and fast withdrawals for the crypto-economy, has some hours ago reminded the IOTA community about the recent listing of IOTA (MIOTA) on its platform.

According to the report, the digital token MIOTA can now be traded on the trading platform.

Liquid shared this, “Reminder: IOTA is now live on Liquid. IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger designed to power the Internet of Things with feeless transactions and a highly scalable network. Trade MIOTA.”

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