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Charles Hoskinson of Cardano to Speak at Satoshi Roundtable with Active Developers

Moments ago, it was shared via the official Twitter handle of IOHK that the CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson will be speaking at an annual event referred to as Satoshi Roundtable, where many great developers alike will be present.

Aside from developers, the event will also be graced by influencers, founders and other members that constitute the blockchain industry.

The event Satoshi Roundtable is in its 6th year, and it’s scheduled to hold between 7th and 10th February 2020 in North America.

Cardano’s IOHK shared this, “We are excited to share that IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson will be speaking at Satoshi Roundtable, the event that brings together some of the most interesting developers, influencers, company founders, and other members of the blockchain world.”

Details about Satoshi Roundtable

As aforementioned, the event is in its 6th year. Satoshi Roundtable is packed with a high level of privacy, according to the information inferred from the official website launched in the name of the annual event.

This year’s Roundtable scheduled to hold in North America will house leading developers, CEOs, company founders, scientists, academics and investors.

This year’s event promises to be one of the best ever conducted, due to the extent at which the industry involves and the caliber of individuals that will grace the event in 2020.

Going by the info inferred, Satoshi Roundtable can also be termed as a unique, interactive, organic, and decentralized discussion structure invented to help people carry out maximum amount of tasks in the most productive way possible.

In the past, the event was conducted inclusively, private and off the record. And nothing is seemingly changing regarding that this year.

Testimonies of the Crypto Big Guns that Attended the Event in the Past

Jameson Lopp, the Co-founder & CTO at Casa attended the event in 2019 and shared the following regarding his experience:

“It was my pleasure to once again attend the Satoshi Roundtable organized by Bruce Fenton, I enjoy this event each year because it’s a relaxed atmosphere without massive herds of people and it offers lots of opportunities to have frank face-to-face discussions with people in the industry who are generally too busy to chat… See you in 2020!”

The CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong, who was in attendance in 2016 also shared his memorable experience.

He said, “Last weekend I attended the Satoshi Roundtable conference along with Charlie Lee and about 70 other members of the bitcoin community… A number of meetings took place between core developers, miners, and CEOs of Bitcoin companies. As you’re aware, there is a large disagreement about how bitcoin should scale right now. On one side you have the core developers who have concerns about how on-chain scaling will impact decentralization. On the other side, you have the most bitcoin companies who want growth.”

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