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IOTA Foundation Joins EU-Funded Project to Protect E-Commerce Platforms from Cyber-Attacks

IOTA Foundation has joined the award-winning project, ENSURESEC, to safeguard e-commerce platforms from cyber-attacks.

This new development was announced in a blog post published on 18th June 2020. The project seeks to enhance the end-to-end security of e-commerce and its delivery service ecosystem.

Why EU-Funded Project Needs IOTA Foundation

IOTA Foundation is meant to serve as the sole distributed ledger technology (DLT) provider to ENSURESEC. Additionally, the foundation will work with many other partners such as universities, research organizations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), banks, and others.

According to the report, the Foundation will build many interfaces to IOTA Streams that will allow the easy generation and sharing of log information required from various systems and assets.

The report reads in part as follows:

“ENSURESEC will leverage the IOTA Identities to guarantee the authenticity of information and the connected physical assets and stakeholders. Off-tangle components connecting to the IOTA Tangle for the search of data and their verification will also be developed.”

The report also stated that ENSURESEC technology will be properly deployed and tested in various real-world e-commerce settings and under cyberattack threats that are artificially induced.

This will be an open avenue to measure the benefits of using IOTA and other G4S security tools in the supply chain of TOFAR market.

New Version of GoShimmer to Be Released At the End of June 2020

According to one of the recent updates released on the official website of IOTA, the new version of GoShimmer (v0.2.0) is planned to be released at the end of June 2020.

Going by the update, the release is going to be a significant milestone, due to its support for value transactions and conflict resolution, which is coming for the first time via FPC.

Additionally, the update is planned to include different transaction layout, UTXO, support for parallel-reality ledger states, binary (encoding, cryptographic signatures, and hash functions), new APIs and others.

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