Monday, May 10, 2021

Intel Corporation Describes IOTA Tangle as Possible Implementation for Fog Computing

Intel Corporation, one of the largest companies in the United States and the largest producer of semiconductor chips, has described IOTA’s Tangle technology as a possible implementation for fog computing.

This was mentioned in a patent filed by the Intel giant with the European Patent Office. The patent is all about the field of wireless communication and edge computing technologies for the support of vehicle-to-any communication.

According to Intel in the patent, “applications/services to make driving safer, improve traffic flow, increase the efficiency of energy consumption, and reduce emissions” are getting very essential in mobile vehicle communications.

Cloud computing connections to at least one network are required in these services, to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data between vehicles and the cloud. Howbeit, the present standard lacks scalability.

“Current 3GPP standards for vehicle-based mobile networks (e.g., cellular V2X) mainly covers latency-sensitive safety applications and may not fully ensure the big data capacity growth between vehicles and the cloud.”

IOTA Tangle as a Possible Implementation for Fog Computing

In order to achieve higher and computing capacity, the standard of fog computing could be used at the edge of the cloud for the IoT network. Therefore, fog computing can be described as a cloud concept that shifts computing power and intelligence to the edge of the cloud.

This implies that all data don’t have to travel the full distance to the central data center. Going by Intel’s account in the patent, the implementation of this principle could be achieved using IOTA Tangle:

“The fog involves mechanisms for bringing cloud computing functionality closer to data generators and consumers wherein various network devices run cloud application logic on their native architecture. […] The fog may be established in accordance with specifications released by the OFC, the OCF, among others. In some embodiments, the fog may be a tangle as defined by the IOTA foundation.”

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