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Hackers’ and industry observers’ interest in cryptocurrency appears to be keeping up with Indian influencers as well as exchanging platforms. Indian cryptocurrency exchanges were caught in the center of what appears to be a global hack of cryptocurrency and IT influencers the night before. YouTubers with over a million followers, such as MrWhoseTheBoss Arun Maini, and exchanges such as WazirX, CoinDCX, and others, were part of the people affected.

However, the hack did not begin yesterday. I believe someone hacked into my YouTube channel and made a video. Is it possible to make a screen recording? On 24th January, at 6:21 p.m. IST, Maini made a post on Twitter, a day prior to the YouTube channels of India’s cryptocurrency exchanges being hacked. Numerous cryptocurrency YouTube channels worldwide were hacked in an organized manner. 

Luckily, our crew discovered the fake film and erased it within 7 minutes of airing live on the channel. We didn’t uncover any security flaws on WazirX’s end that may have provided hackers entry to the channel after executing a diagnosis, Rajagopal Menon said in a statement to the Economic Times on 25th January.

WazirX wasn’t the sole exchange that had its security breached. Other exchanges also corroborated the event, like billion-dollar firms CoinDCX, Coinswitch Kuber and Unocoin. The security team quickly identified and removed the bogus video from CoinDCX’s channel, limiting the video’s reach. Try ignoring all video’s contents for the handful of their subscribers that viewed it prior to when it was withdrawn, CoinDCX stated in a series of Twitter posts yesterday.

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What Exactly was the Heist?

That Maini and breaches of other celebrities, it appears like the attackers just released bogus clips from these channels. One World Cryptocurrency is mentioned in the clip, including a wallet address. It requests investments in Binance, Ether, and USD Coin and is intended to fool users into thinking the channel publishing the clip promotes the currency.

It’s currently unknown how much money the hackers could make from the scheme. The structure of the clip, on the other hand, shows that these attacks were components of current cryptocurrency scamming patterns identified by companies such as Chainalysis, security companies, and other specialists.

Increase in Cryptocurrency Attacks

Checkpoint Security, for example, claimed on 25th January that hackers were snatching cryptocurrency from customers by using the smart contracts capability to create bogus NFT projects as well as cryptocurrency tokens. According to the security experts, hackers use social media sites, including Telegram, Discord, and YouTube, to inflate the costs of these coins.

They would launch social channels including Twitter/Discord/Telegram without exposing their name or by impersonating other people, and they’d begin pushing the project for individuals to begin purchasing. says the source. Is it a strain to assume that each of these hacking teams chose to leverage existing channels rather than create novel ones from the beginning?

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