4 thoughts on “inceptial Review – Is inceptial Scam or a Proper Broker?

  1. I wish I never join Inceptial! Their agent only wants me to deposit money to invest more and more….
    At the end, they will make you lost it all…
    They care how much money they can convince you to deposit into Inceptial for investment and at the end the premium roll-over will just eat ALL your investment everyday for any open trade.
    The client’s money will have to be stayed there as the trade go against you, so Inceptial can take your investment via any open trade and eat it all up!

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    I had worst experience with Inceptial
    November 26th, 2021
    I had worst experience with Inceptial. The Account Manager assigned to me seemed to open positions for me without any analysis. He tricked me into more and more investments and even use my credit card to have more balance so that he could open BRENT and GOLD positions with more exposure. I told him in the beginning that I have less risk appetite and not much money. I did make some profit in some positions. But then he made me go long with Gold and brent at very high rate, not guiding me to close it at loss. On top of it, he seemed to have no knowledge how Swap is calculated, giving me false assurances that I will be SWAP free after doing more investment and converting my membership to Gold. I had to take loan and borrow money to hold onto my Gold position and was also charged more than $1000 swap for it (which he kept on saying that will be reduced but that never happened). Eventually, Gold fell so much that the position was auto closed with more than $16000 loss (which include more than $1000 swap). It was almost all my savings gone. Now, I had only around $3000 balance left. Next day he made me open a position in index JP225pro and two more in currencies against USD(all long). It seemed he didn’t even read analysis before making me open those. At night I closed GBPUSD at $250 loss since it was expected to fall further and I wanted to have enough margin. Kept others including JP225pro open as suggested by him and I also was sure that I have comfortable margin for open positions. Now while I was sleeping a swap of more than $3000 (way more than my balance) was applied to JP225pro and hence all my positions were auto closed. All my money (savings) gone in thin air in a second. Next day on phone, he said you knew swap is applied, etc. I said, why would I open such a position or keep it open for $3000 swap to be applied if I knew. This is just insane and pure cheating! Now they are not even responding to my emails to support and just giving me automated replies. They have robbed me of all my savings and left me in debt. This is what my experience has been with them. Please keep this in mind if you deal with them.

  3. I registered with inceptial onlt a few days ago and I found excellent is the initial training and devotion. You feel secured

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