Different strokes for different folks as they like to say it. Is it really true? Of course, it is! Whether you are eating ice cream or investing in something, you will have different things appealing to you than those appealing to your friends and peers. Joel Jonassen was surrounded by people who wanted to make money by chance. They all believed in luck whereas Joel was always the kind of guy who thought luck was on the side of the person who took risks. This one difference of approach kept him and his peers debating all the time, during lunch and while walking back to their cars after the shift.

Joel Jonassen - crypto millionaire
Joel Jonassen – crypto millionaire

Joel Jonassen from Switzerland is currently a millionaire, but it wasn’t always really like this for him. He was just a guy doing his 9-5 job, returning home to play some games on his smartphone, and socializing a bit. At times, he would just argue with people online about politics and stuff. This tired him and now he was looking for something productive in life. Call it whatever you want, but wanted to be out of the job-life as soon as possible. It’s this motivation that steered him to the cryptocurrency world.

Joel Invests in Bitcoin

After months of thinking and hearing about Bitcoin all over the internet and his social media stream, Joel Jonassen thought it was time for him to invest some of his saved money into Bitcoin. Despite the huge value of this cryptocurrency, he wanted to go for it because it was the strongest and biggest one out there. In his mind he knew he was not going wrong with this decision. Not to mention, he was not going to spend more than 1000 CHF. He had made up his mind in a way. He had prepared for a loss of $1000, but hey, at least he was hopeful.

So, after thinking and doing his calculations, he finally purchased some Bitcoin from an online exchange. He did not spend more than he had promised with himself. While holding (or hodling) Bitcoin, Joel Jonassen discovered that purchasing a digital coin and sitting on it was not the only way for him to make money. He found out he could go for trading with an online trading platform. This way, he could invest even less than he had thought earlier and even use leverage to his advantage. He had known from his online research that trading platforms gave traders huge leverages while trading.

Joel Jonassen Discovered OrbitGTM Trading Platform and Invests in Dogecoin

The Bitcoin that he had in his wallet were about to move somewhere. Joel had researched, reviewed, and compared many online trading platforms, and finally realized there was no better option than OrbitGTM trading platform for him to invest in digital currency trading. He went on the website of this company, compared the many trading accounts, found out he could start with what amounted to $1000 and open a trading account to trade his favorite digital currency.

The same website provided him with some great info on various digital currencies. That’s where he first read about Dogecoin. When he researched this digital currency he could not stop laughing. “Has the world come to this”, he said to himself.  Of course, Dogecoin being a joke digital currency was something out of the ordinary. The fact that its story made him smile, Joel Jonassen decided he was going to trade Dogecoin as well. He did have a discussion with his account manager once about his intentions. Good thing he got an account manager for his help with a basic trading account from OrbitGTM trading platform.

Joel Jonassen Quits His Job and Startles His Unsuspecting Colleagues

The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 was the best time in the life of Joel Jonassen. He was trading during the lunch time in his office and while lying in his bed after coming back from work. The biggest point to notice here was that he never shared his adventures with his colleagues because he knew doing so was like starting a war. They believed in luck, so they would have never supported him in his venture. 2021 came and the non-stop yet timely trading of Bitcoin and Dogecoin from Joel Jonassen proved to be his best investments and decisions in his life.

He could not believe how fast his bank account was beefing up. The start of April of 2021 was when his quiet efforts bore fruit and he was shocked to see his he was now sitting on $1,000,000. It was time for him to announce his departure from the job and tell his friends what he had achieved.

He sends a resignation letter to his HR stating only in signs that he did not need the job anymore. While himself and his colleagues were walking to their cars after completing their shift, he told them he was leaving. He told them he was leaving for good and they were all shocked. “Why, what happened”, they all asked him. “Did you find a better job or did you get lucky and won a lottery”, they said with sarcasm. To this comment, he replied by saying, “I got lucky the day I figured out luck was on the side of the person who took risks. I took a chance, and I won’t tell you what it was, but I’d like to say that you stand before a millionaire today. Good luck!”

Joel Jonassen Encourages People to Trust Cryptocurrencies

Joel has stated numerous times that he does not believe that people are hesitant to invest in digital currencies because they don’t understand them. He thinks they just don’t trust cryptocurrencies as something “investable”. He wants these people to think otherwise and open their minds to the new evolution of the currency. After getting the millionaire status, he wants to spread the word on the internet about his journey so people could get some inspiration to do the right thing at the right time. He likes to wish people ‘good luck’ in their crypto investing endeavors and advises them to be perseverant in their efforts.