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Solana SolSea is a substitute for non-fungible token marketplaces such as OpenSea. This is more alluring for NFT generators due to speed, user-friendly interface, and low price. NFTs are becoming more and more popular day by day.

NFTs are digital assets that can be transferred between people and organizations. They are similar to physical assets in that they can be used to represent ownership of an asset. However, unlike physical assets, NFTs are not fungible. This means that different people and organizations can use the tokens, but they cannot be exchanged for each other.

Solana is a blockchain that offers a solution for NFTs. The blockchain is designed to process thousands of transactions per second. Solana has introduced its own non-fungible token standards under the name of SolSea. This creates a quick and efficient way to create and transfer ownership of assets. Solana is also designed to be secure and transparent. This makes it an attractive solution for companies that want to use blockchain technology to store and transfer ownership of assets.

The Solana network blockchain is based on the Ethereum platform. This means that it is compatible with many other blockchains. This makes it an attractive solution for companies that want to use blockchain technology to store and transfer ownership of assets.

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The Solana blockchain uses smart contracts to create ownership of assets. These smart contracts are written in the Ethereum programming language. These smart contracts are self-executing and can be accessed by anyone in the world. They are also encrypted so that they cannot be modified or deleted without the asset’s owner’s approval.

The Solanablockchain is designed to be secure and transparent. This makes it an attractive solution for companies that want to use blockchain technology to store and transfer ownership of assets. It is the helping guide that will help you to learn the method; how one can learn the minting process of NFTs on the network of Solana.

What is the Minting Process? How It Works?

NFT minting is a method of converting digital data into blockchain-based virtual/ostensible collectibles. All types of digital files can easily be converted into tokens. The specific process of adding any file to a blockchain is called minting.

NFT minting is not just limited to avatars and icons but also can be used for other purposes, including artworks and other creative works. The files that are converted into NFTs can be bought by anyone and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Upbit. This means that the owner of the original work will receive money from selling their work as an NFT.

The operation of adding files to the blockchain involves uploading them, verifying them, and then adding them to the ERC-721 contract on Ethereum. Once verified, they are stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum network until they are sold or deleted by their owner.

Which Blockchain Users Should use?

The very first step is to select a blockchain to host your NFT and then sell them on. Consider the following aspects while making your decision: the cost of minting, the community, the pace of the system itself, and others.

Each blockchain will demand a price for minting—these are called “gas fees,” they are demanded for every deal logged on the blockchain. The NFTs m Minting includes gas prices since it requires writing information to the blockchain.

Similarly, the speed with which a network can execute and execute transactions is critical so that you do not have to spend extended periods among mints. Community is also important because when users start selling their NFTs, they will desire to reach a target audience who will view and purchase them.

Meanwhile, Solana is a newer blockchain, unlike Ethereum, which makes it a little less “packed.” The Solanablockchain first appeared on the cryptocurrency market in 2020, and then its fast expansion has become a source of conversation ever since. Although Solana has swiftly created a wide network of NFTs markets, and its ecosystem is constantly increasing, it remains relatively young, and it’s precisely that it may hinder some producers.

It has already been recognized for its fast speed and minimal gas prices, which provides it with an advantage against Ethereum. Meanwhile, Solana has had challenges with the network’s periodic unreliability, and it has received some condemnation from the public for its lack of openness in the network.

How Minting of NFTs Work?

The Process of minting NFTs usually starts with the creator choosing a marketplace to sell their NFTs on. Once the marketplace has been chosen, sellers can create a custom listing for their item and begin selling it.

Sellers can choose between multiple payment options for buyers, including but not limited to Paysafecard, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and more. Some marketplaces may also support additional cryptocurrencies or payment methods beyond these options.

Once the listing is created by the seller, they must wait for users to purchase their item before receiving any payments. This can bring anywhere from 1 to 3 days, relying on how popular their item is and how many people are buying it at once.

Once all payments have been received by sellers, they are given access to their new digital asset(s). These assets can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC20-based tokens like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask; however, they should always be stored safely with a reputable third-party provider such as Metam

How to Generate an NFT on the Network of Solana SolSea?

Before we get into how to create non-fungible tokens on Solana, you really should understand what the Solana SolSea platform is. Solana SolSea is known as a decentralized online marketplace for NFTs that is cheaper, quicker, and easier to navigate than existing marketplaces such as OpenSea. Its cheap costs, rapid transaction speeds, and client-friendly interface make it more desirable to NFTs developers.

Because they do not bear the large transaction cost on the blockchain of Ethereum, Non-fungible tokens are substantially less expensive to mint than Ethereum-based Non-fungible tokens.

Here Is How You Can Mint NFTs on Solana Blockchain

  • Install Phantom

First of all, you should install Phantom by visiting the Phantom App and downloading it as you an extension according to your Browser. Phantom is often considered Metamask of the Solana because of its matching features and functions.

  • Create a Fresh Wallet

The Phantom symbol will show on the top of the page Extension button after downloading. To establish a fresh wallet, hit the symbol and follow the instructions. The symbol leads the users to a new page where they may continue the procedure of wallet creation.

If the user has to re-download Phantom on another device, they are provided with a secret recovery code that can be employed to recover the Phantom account. If the quoted phrase is misplaced or wrongly documented, the Wallet can’t be recovered, and the users may be lost their cash, making this the essential stage in the creation of the Wallet.

As a result, keeping a restoration phase in a secure and safe area is crucial. Phantom would be included in every Browser after it has been completed. It is accessible by tapping on the official Phantom logo in the navigation bar.

  • Put Money in Your Wallet

To mint a non-fungible token on Solsea, you must first have the native digital currency of Solana, SOL. Go to a cryptocurrency exchange (the most prominent is Coinbase Pro), then purchase SOL.

You are required to scan the specific QR code or simply copy and paste the Wallet mentioned address to send your Solana native cryptocurrency to your personal Phantom Wallet. These transactions might take a moment or less. Once finished, you may begin minting on the Solana network Solsea.

To purchase SOL cryptocurrency coins with other cryptocurrencies, choose a platform that allows Solana native cryptocurrency trading pairs. The minting procedure on Solana may start after the wallets are funded.

  • Creating a Fresh Account on the SolSea Platform

The very next procedure is to link your Wallet to the SolSea forum and establish an account. You should select ‘Phantom’ from the drop-down menu when you press the option of Connect Wallet on the right side.

A notice will instantly appear on the screen inquiring if Phantom should link to your Wallet. If accepted, SolSea will be able to view the Wallet’s money as well as any activity associated with it, in addition to seeking permission to allow transactions.

Visitors will be forwarded to the SolSea log-in page once they are connected. On this screen, they must input a genuine e-mail address and establish a secure password. Before continuing, users must accept to SolSea’s Privacy Policies and Terms of Service Policy.

SolSea delivers an e-mail well after user account confirmation to validate the established SolSea account. After completing, your Wallet would be immediately connected to the SolSea network. Now, follow the instructions underneath to generate the NFT.

  • Create NFTs Collection

In the early stage, all non-fungible tokens must be generated in the form of a collection. Continue to the next option of the ‘Create’ tab and hit on the Collection to generate a fresh collection.

You needed to select the option of title and then put a comprehensive description of collect.

After this user is required to upload the icon and header photo

Then the user needs to put his website (if he had any) and social media apps account. These are the necessary details for marketing objectives and engagements.

When it is ready, press the “Create Collection” option, then sign the transaction for minting your Collection. If some message is shown on it telling you that your mint transactions failed, you should not fret about this. It is a temporary problem in the system of SolSea. You should wait for this patiently; it will be completed in the given time.

When you are certain about the success of minting, go ahead to Wallet and see the history of transactions of SOL. If you see the list of minting transactions, then it is obvious that the NFTs collection is generated successfully. After this process, your transactions have been verified; then go to your Wallet and choose the option of My Collection.

  • Minting SolSea NFTs

Follow the instructions step by step for minting SolSea NFTs:

When you create an NFTs collection, navigate back to the option of “Create Page” and then choose the option of “NFT.”

Then, submit the picture, video, and audio material that you want to mint as NFTs. To avoid problems, understand the criteria for every file format before uploading. For video and image, acceptable file types are MOV, MP4, 3GP, JPEG, and PNG.

Give the NFT its Title as well as a Description

Establish the royalty fees. This refers to the commission the creator would receive when THE NFT is resold in the resale market. The expected percentage scope is usually between 0% to 50% and can be tailored to the holder’s plan.

The next areas are elective, but they can be completed, including an URL to the page of the network on another website if one exists, so that visitors can know more information about the works. Selecting the correct tags is critical since they will be used throughout searches.

In addition, SolSea is the only NFT market to incorporate licences on NFTs. These licences guarantee that now the original inventor is always credited and receives royalties on subsequent sales, regardless of where the NFTs are sold.

Check that all of the data is correct before minting because An NFT’s characteristics cannot be changed once it has been minted. Following that, after clicking “Mint,” verify the transactions on the Solana forum to complete the minting procedure.

Congrats! Next, hit the option of “See Mint” to view the freshly minted NFTs.

The fresh NFTs will be instantly deposited towards your Phantom Wallet, which can be accessed by clicking on the $ button. This will no more be displayed in your Wallet after it has been placed on SolSea.

Then NFT will then be listed.

Simply navigate to your Wallet and choose “NFT in My Wallet” again from the drop-down menu.

Hit the option of “List NFT,” then enter a price.

Navigate back to the My Wallet option and check the recent NFTs.

Subsequently, it is fitting to market your NFTs.

How to Verify Your Solsea NFT

Solsea recommends verification since consumers are increasingly asking for better protection and security against fraudulent collectors. When the time comes for collections that were created on some other platform, Solsea demands verification before listing any NFT for selling.

To validate your NFTs on Solsea, follow the steps described above to mint in the first attempt, but this time pick the ‘Create Collection’ option.

Go to this once you’ve generated your Collection and choose it out of the drop-down menu. You are required to f Fill out all the form’s data and, after this, click the ‘submit application button.

How to Sell your Solsea Minted NFTs

Navigate to the forum of the Solsea website and hit on the option of the ‘wallet’ button in the right-hand corner at the top to trade your NFTs. To see your NFTs, tap the ‘reload’ button. When the Collection is presented, press here on the ‘List’ icon.

In the following box, put the SOL selling prices for which you would like to trade your NFTs and click ‘List.’

After this, you will be asked to authorize the transaction, which will transfer your NFTs from your Wallet to the Solsea NFTs marketplace, in which it will be posted for sale. Click the ‘Approve’ button.

Tap on the option below to confirm that you have managed to put your NFTs for trade. You can pick ‘listed NFT’ first from Collection. Additional choices emerge, allowing you to adjust the selling prices or remove the item from the marketplace.

How to Setup Royalty Payment on SolSea

You desire to be capable of profiting from your NFT Collection as an NFT maker. This is when royalties enter the picture. Royalty payments decide how much money you’ll make from reselling an NFT.

The percentage to pick from varies, and this can be determined by your collecting strategies.

  • Provide Additional Information

Following royalty payment, you will notice numerous new fields, including an independent provider to the artwork page. Fill in the blanks and pick the proper tag for the file format. This selected tag will affect where your Collection appears in search results.

License; Solsea enables authors to incorporate licences on NFTs. These licences are an excellent way to clarify what your NFTs include. For instance, participation in a forum, weekly updates, or future NFTs mutations. Add these to help your customers trust you by informing them what they are getting.

  •  Include Characteristics

You are nearly there! You only need to include your qualities in your Collection. These might range from colours and facial gestures to positions and one-of-a-kind items. You can’t modify them once they’ve been minted, so make absolutely sure you obtain them correctly.

After you’ve entered your qualities, press “Mint NFT.” To accomplish this procedure, you must approve all transactions.

You are ready to go when you have signed! Tap “See Mint” in order to view your maiden NFT!

  • Insert Your NFTs into Your own Wallet

Your NFTs will be deposited to your own Phantom Wallet automatically. You may either retain it for private use as well as list it. Your NFTs will be withdrawn from your own Wallet after it has been listed.

  • Include Your NFTs

Navigate to your own Wallet and choose “NFT in My Wallets.” Pick the option of “List NFTs” and enter the amount you wish to label it for. When you finish the posting, your NFTs will appear in the option on the “My Wallet” page.

And with that, you will have produced and marketed your very own NFT! When NFTs are sold from one owner to another, then you will earn additional funds according to the royalty payments you selected.


Minting NFTs is not going to be easy for you if you’re doing it for the first time however if you have ample knowledge of the blockchain and read this guide thoroughly then you can do it easily. Furthermore, the process will become smooth for you if you do it using Solana SolSea.

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