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Greenpeace’s operation in opposition to Bitcoin has gained popularity among the masses during the past few days.

The company issued an article regarding the firm calling out financial firms, such as Fidelity, for the recognition of Bitcoin’s effect on climate change and to take action for the problem.

Moreover, Greenpeace’s Bitcoin Skull got famous among the masses in relevance to their climate campaign.

Although the operation of Greenpeace had the opposite effect after the artist and climate campaigner – Von Wong – conveyed that he was not a supporter of the campaign of Greenpeace anymore.

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Von Wong posted on Twitter regarding this issue. He said that he created the Skull thinking that BTC mining was a clear and evident problem. He conveyed that for a long time, he has been trying to decrease the usage of waste.

But, he said that he was wrong about the ongoing situation. The Bitcoin mining issue was not as obvious as it seemed to him.

Has Greenpeace Reconsidered Its Position on Bitcoin?

Whether Greenpeace has any self-respect left and does not rely entirely on the doubtful donors will depend on the way they resolve the situation. Things might improve for them if they end the campaign and support BTC.

Daniel Batten is an active climate and BTC campaigner. He posted the latest study depicting that Bitcoin’s basic provider of energy is hydropower, which is estimated around 23% of their complete energy.

Since the past few years, fossil fuel sources have decreased in usage by approximately 6.2% every year.

It is astonishing to find out that BTC mining is the single major worldwide industry not using fossil fuel as its energy source. Their main power source is coal, which was conveyed by Batten via a post on Twitter.

Batten’s research consisted of off-grid mining too, giving a full picture of the BTC system. Hydropower is the major source of energy, after which coal, gas, and wind are utilized.

Batten revealed that off-grid created 15.8% of their energy via hydropower, though a major chunk of the sustainable off-grid mining is sourced through hydropower.

The list of sustainable mining firms includes Blockfusion, Iris, HPG, OceanFalls, Terawulf, Hut8, Statar/Lake Parime, Sato, and Gridshare. As per the BTC campaigner, these firms mostly utilize hydropower.

The second most utilized sustainable source of energy is wind power. It gives approximately 14% of the entire power of BTC mining.

Batten conveyed that firms like Marathon, with a hashrate of 14 EH, the major aspect of which includes behind-the-meter wind areas, add to such heavy depiction.

He added that the usage by ERCOT of around 25% wind power, is another aspect of wind power’s heavy portrayal.

In relevance to the theme of mining and coal, Batten figured out that BTC, similar to eVs, is a completely electrified tech with minimal direct discharge.

The discharge is created through the utilization of electricity, a part of which is formulated by fossil fuels. Whereas, BTC mining in reality carries out the operation in a much better way.

If we perceive that eVs are divided globally and utilize the worldwide grid mixture, people would be required to think that coal is the major source at approximately 36.7%, after the usage of gas at the rate of 23.5%.

BEEST Model Indicates Sustainable Growth of BTC Network

Batten elaborated on the BEEST project. The scheme depicts that the maintained mixture of the Bitcoin system is developing at about 6.2% every year.

The current rate of growth will result in the shares of gas, coal, and various fossil fuel resources decreasing continuously.

Moreover, BTC might be able to assist the energy alteration due to the ability of mining systems to be switched off and on easily.

Hence, they could be utilized to organize the usage of energy grids, and for renewable energy to be more financially beneficial via the cross-monetizing of Bitcoin.

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