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At the end of the press time today, the price of Mask Network (MASK) declined. Over the past 24 hours, the price of MASK has declined by 6%.

Regardless of the recent decline in its price, the crypto platform’s 7-days price is 30% higher than that of the previous week.

Talking of Mask, it’s a web 2.0 safety browser that is unparalleled due to its advanced secrecy. Just within the past few weeks, MASK’s price has surged by 67%.

MASK is the native token for Mask Network. Due to its unparalleled secrecy and security, the adoption of extension has increased rapidly in recent days.

AI Trading

The investigations have revealed that today’s dip came after the extension went offline due to maintenance purposes.

Regardless of today’s slump in its price, the currency’s technical fundamentals are rock solid. Its adoption is also on the rise.

Market experts believe that there are still some red flags regarding MASK’s ability to continue to grow in the future.

It is quite obvious that crypto is a cruel industry with immense volatile nature. How long a currency will stay in an upward direction is nearly impossible to predict.

MASK is no exception; for those investors who are willing to navigate market potential for short-term profits should rush to add Mask coin to their wallets.

Experts unanimously believe that Mask Network (MASK) is not a long-term investment regardless of making all the positive moves.

What’s Next For Mask In terms of Price?

The current price pattern shows that MASK is currently in the red zone. This suggests that its price will soon experience a massive fallback.

Today’s decrease might be just the start of a vicious price fallback cycle. Hence investors ideally think that they only have a couple of days to decide their take on MASK.

Further, recently its 30-day moving average surpassed the 200-moving average. Its price pattern also became unpredictable.

Following the recent shift in the scenario, investors are certain that its price is ready to dip. Today’s decline of 6% is just a glimpse.

Further rapid price dips are waiting for MASK. But interestingly token’s relative strength index has emerged stronger at around 70 a week.

Currently, the various technical indicators show a clear volatile pattern. For MASK to increase its price it should focus on technical stability.

In case the price of MASK plunged the currency would remain unable to surpass the previous level of resistance at $6.10.

But Bulls Are Still Backing Mask (MASK)

Regardless of fluctuating and irregular price patterns, market bulls are backing the Mask coin to go further up.

Bulls argued that a random shift in the price curve is not as important as the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency.

More and more users are using the Mask extension to ensure the utmost protection for their digital transactions.

MASK was also making progress in previous October and November, the time when Elon Musk took charge as Twitter CEO.

For those investors who don’t have in-depth knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency’s technical indicators should know that MASK price can move sideways.

Currently, it is impossible to draw any certain conclusion about in which direction MASK will move. It can go in either direction.

But over the past 7 days, it has remained strong in terms of price, until today when its price declined by 6%.

Some specific market sect is also predicting the possible collaboration between Twitter and Mask Network to make digital transactions further secure.

As of this writing, there are more positive developments attached to masks as compared to the negative outcomes.

Over the past couple of weeks, MASK has been steadily moving in an upward direction, taking one step at a time.

Investors, however, should remain very careful about what their stance will be regarding investing in MASK.

But, by the end of this year, the MASK price is expected to touch the $10 mark.

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