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Go4rex Review

What do you think is an ideal trading platform? Well, the truth is that there is no ideal trading platform. Different traders prefer different features when they sign up with online companies. However, I can assure you that there are certain factors that are quite objective in nature. Whether you are signing up with a company for the first time or have been trading for years, you will always have to consider these factors. In many years of trading, I have researched many trading platforms and I find Go4rex to be a great option. I write this Go4rex review so you will know about this company what I know.

It is a modern trading platform with a lot of features that you usually do not find with other brokers. Its trading platform is trader-friendly and with an expansive asset index, it opens a new world of opportunities for you when you sign up with it. Let’s know the basics in this complete review.

Desktop and Mobile Trading for All

Should you limit yourself with boundaries that applied to traders from two decades ago? Things have advanced greatly in the past two decades and trading is a completely new experience now. You can have things your way as a trader rather than adjusting your preferences according to the platform you are planning to use. I think Go4rex is doing a good job of providing you with its trading platform in multiple formats. You can clearly see that this endeavor from the company is only for the purpose of making trading easy for you. So, when you sign up with the company, you can use the platform wherever you prefer.

Whether you have a Windows computer or a smartphone, you will be able to use the platform easily on all those devices. The company has created separate versions of the software for both devices to provide you with the trading speeds that other software tools can’t. I am sure you will appreciate the intuitiveness of these platforms.

AI Trading

Easy Signups for All Trading Accounts

Alright, so I can tell you from my personal experience that not all online trading platforms make the signing up process easy for you. In most cases, they have four, five, or even six trading accounts for you to choose from. However, other than the basic account, the signup requirements are quite difficult for new traders. So, the basic account can easily be afforded by all the traders, but as you up the list, you realize signing up is becoming difficult because of the increasing initial deposit. This is the only company that keeps the initial deposit requirements quite relaxed for its traders.

You can see that the basic account requirements no more than $250 from you and even if you go with the bronze account, you deposit only $1000 to activate it. The most expensive account on the list is the platinum account, and even for that account you need no more than $25000.

Trade Thousands of Assets

There is yet another thing that you are going to appreciate about Go4rex. The asset index is probably one of the most impressive as per my knowledge. You get to trade dozens and hundreds of assets all within the same asset category. Whether you are interested in trading forex currency pairs, want take a shot at stocks, or pick cryptocurrency trading, this platform will facilitate you. Do keep in mind that you are majorly trading all of these assets in the form of CFDs on the platform. With so many options and the broker allowing you to use the hedging technique, trading has been made safer and more lucrative than ever.

Final Thoughts

Other than these features, you should also look at the fact that you can use many trading tools for analyzing your trades. You have up to 85% of discount on commissions if you pick the right account. Last but not least, it is a regulated trading platform, providing you with peace of mind along with a reliable trading platform.

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