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Société Générale, one of the foremost financial institutions in the French banking space, has become the first major bank to offer a stablecoin to a broad range of investors. The new EUR ConVertible, a digital token backed by the euro, will be traded on Bitstamp, a Luxembourg-based exchange.

Launching A Euro-Backed Stablecoin

Société Générale’s move places the bank among the forerunners of European financial behemoths exploring the stablecoin landscape. According to an official statement, the EURCV, developed by Société Générale, will make its debut on Bitstamp.

EURCV is fully backed by the euro, allowing the bank’s clients to participate actively in the digital asset space. This stablecoin allows for seamless trading because it is accessible to a large customer base.

CEO Jean-Marc Stenger said that the importance of introducing a euro-dominated stablecoin is to demonstrate Société Générale’s commitment to the evolving crypto sphere. He added that this move reflects the bank’s recognition of the growing demand for stable digital assets. Thus, it aims to provide a secure bridge for its customers to participate in the digital economy.

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Challenging US Stablecoin Dominance

In private crypto stablecoins, the dominance of US dollar-pegged counterparts like Tether (USDT) and Circle’s USD Coin (USDC) reigns globally. While these established players want to expand into the European market, Stenger believes their move goes beyond novelty.

Stenger affirmed that their newly launched stablecoin serves a specific purpose: facilitating trades involving digital bonds, funds, and various assets. However, this strategic development is not limited to Société Générale’s platform.

Rather, it is designed for adaptability to integrate seamlessly across diverse financial service providers. While Tether and USD Coin have made significant strides in the stablecoin ecosystem, Stenger explains the EURCV’s unique value proposition beyond simply entering the stablecoin market.

Its focused application in settling transactions involving various digital assets and bonds reflects the bank’s vision of bridging traditional finance with the burgeoning crypto landscape. According to the CEO, Société Générale’s stablecoin is more than just a market competitor.

It is a targeted solution designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of trades across multiple financial instruments.

Facilitating Digital Currency Transaction

Meanwhile, Axa Investment Managers made a significant move by using EURCV to invest in Société Générale’s digital green bond, which has a three-year maturity and is valued at 10 million euros (approximately $11 million). Axa Investment Managers’ strategic use of the euro-pegged stablecoin demonstrates digital assets’ growing acceptance and credibility within traditional investment avenues.

This action shows the rising trust in the stability of the stablecoin and the appeal of environmentally conscious financial instruments, such as the bank’s digital green bond. Industry observers believe that the move by the French banking behemoth strategically aligns with the upcoming regulatory framework within the European Union.

With the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) set to take effect in 2024, the bank’s pioneering move places it at the forefront of compliant and innovative financial solutions in Europe. It is also worth noting that Société Générale has actively provided crypto exposure to its customer base for some years.

Notably, its crypto subsidiary, Forge, set a milestone in July 2023 by obtaining the highest access license for delivering crypto services in France.

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