Vitalik Buterin Reveals the Biggest Threat to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto At Large
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Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), has some hours ago aired his profound prediction regarding the megatrend of cryptography in the 2020s.

He shared this in a thread of tweets that attracted a series of reactions from the cryptocurrency community members.

In his point of view, the megatrend of cryptography in the 2010s was elliptic curves, pairings and general purposes ZKPs/SNARKs. Regarding the megatrend of cryptography in the 2020s, he said it will be lattices, LWE, multi-linear maps, homomorphic encryption, MPC, and obfuscation.

“Prediction: The megatrend in cryptography of the 2010s was elliptic curves, pairings and general purpose ZKPs/SNARKs. The megatrend of the 2020s will be (in addition to broad adoption of the above) lattices, LWE, multilinear maps, homomorphic encryption, MPC and obfuscation,” Vitalik Buterin shared

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He furthered by stating the theme that will be common in both 2010s and 2020s megatrends of cryptography. He said:

“The common theme in both is the rise of cryptographic primitives that operate over boolean or arithmetic circuits as a mathematical representation of computation, and hence cryptographic constructions becoming general purpose.”

In response to his take on the expected megatrends of cryptography in the 2020s, one of his followers said, “Yes. And possibly some of these areas merging.”

Vitalik Buterin responded thus;

Oh cryptography is all going to merge into a big jumble of “here’s how we efficiently represent everything as polynomials and here are the 73 clever things you can do with a polynomial”

Another inquisitive Twitter user, who is a supposed Chainlink (LINK) community member, asked the co-founder of Ethereum how the cryptographic project (Chainlink) could fit into his prediction in the 2020s. He asked, “How does Chainlink fit into this Vitalik?

Vitalik Buterin responded by saying:

“Possible serious answer: with obfuscation, it might be possible to authenticate HTTPS responses (ie. data from websites) without needing trusted hardware.”

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