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Ethereum Classic (ETC) TestNets are Successfully Updated, Now Ready for MainNet

A recent report from the Ethereum Classic community has stated that ETC TestNets have been updated successfully, so they are now made ready for MainNet.

According to the report, the Mordor TestNet successfully activated the Phoenix upgrade on 9th March 2020. While the Kotti TestNet fully activated the Phoenix upgrade on block 2_200_013 on 15th April 2020.

“Ethereum Classic TestNets are updated the community is excited to prepare for MainNet activation. This is a must-read status update,” ETC Core reported

So, as the two TestNets now successfully running Phoniex, it shows that the Ethereum Classic community is now ready for the MainNet activation.

The MainNet activation is expected to complete the Phoenix network upgrade on Ethereum Classic. Phoniex hard-fork schedule is as follows:

According to the report, the dates estimated below could change as the network advances to the activation block.

  1. Mordor TestNet activation at block 999_983, successfully activated on March 09, 2020
  2. Kotti TestNet activation at block 2_200_013, successfully activated on April 15, 2020.
  3. Ethereum Classic MainNet activation at block 10_500_839, or around June 05, 2020.

What Does Phoniex Mean to Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is in the process of another network upgrade code referred to as Phoenix. Going by the report, Phoenix will be inclusive of the Ethereum Foundation Istanbul network protocol upgrades on the Ethereum Classic network, which is expected to enhance EVM capability on ETC.

In this process, different opcodes will be added to the ETC network. The Atlantis and Agharta hard forks previously conducted by Ethereum Classic were said to greatly increase the compatibility between ETC and ETH.

However, considering the capability of Phoniex, this ongoing process will make ETC and ETH absolutely compatible.

What Does a Hark Fork in Ethereum Classic Imply?

The hard fork is meant to change the underlying Ethereum Classic protocol. This will result in new rules to bring improvement to the system.

These changes in protocol are set in motion at a particular block number. This makes it essential for all Ethereum Classic users to upgrade. Their failure to upgrade as stated will make them stuck on an incompatible chain, due to the old rules.

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