EquityMarket365 Review

EquityMarket365 logoI have been trading online for some years now, and I can enlighten you with some great knowledge based on my experience. The first thing I would like to bring into your notice is that I have signed up with multiple traders over the course of many years. I don’t think I have been more satisfied with any other company than EquityMarket365. It has the perfect balance of great trading features on a trader-friendly platform combined with amazing security. This is the company I never struggled to trust, and I am sure you will feel the same way. Let me tell you in this EquityMarket365 review why you can trust this company easily and why I did so too.

A Proven Record

I don’t think I remember many companies that provide you with their statistics right on the website. They usually like to talk big about themselves, but they usually don’t have the numbers to back up their claims. On the other hand, you have EquityMarket365 providing you with some really important statistics on the website so you can feel like you are signing up with the right company. So, you have the platform entertaining more than 5000 positions on it every single day. Furthermore, the company has thousands of traders located not in one but many different countries of the world.

Until this point, as per the website, the company has executed more than five million trading orders. You can see from these facts that you are not going with some anonymous online company. You are signing up with a professional trading platform, a registered company. These are the things that should really help traders trust online companies, and I think EquityMarket365 is doing something right to be able to entertain so many trading requests every day from so many different parts of the world.

A Perfect Basic Trading Account

To tell you the truth, there are four different account types from which to pick one for your trading needs. However, I will only talk about the basic account for now because I think this company has really created the perfect basic trading account for you. It contains the perfect balance of features while offering you some great perks despite you being new to trading. So, if you are interested in opening this account, all you need in your bank account is $250. To make things even better, you can enjoy leverages of 1:50 on your trades when you go with this trading account.

The cherry on top when you sign up with EquityMarket365 is that you will get a huge bonus as soon as you land on the platform. When you open a trading account, you get a welcome bonus from the company. Do you think you will not get anything for opening a basic account? Well, you are getting nothing less than a 40% bonus on your first deposit when you go with the basic account. Does it get better than this?

Encryption, Safe Deposits, and KYC

The adherence to the KYC policy means the company will require you to submit your personal information before you can even open a trading account. Furthermore, you will have to give out your banking details based on the method you are using. With EquityMarket365, you can use a variety of methods to deposit funds in your account, including but not limited to Skrill, Visa credit and debit, MasterCard credit and debit card. You don’t have to worry about the information that you are submitting on the website.

All the piece of data that leave your computer to be stored on the broker’s server are encrypted. The encryption standards are also high, with 256-bit encryption taking place for your safety.

Final Thoughts

The education program from the company is very detailed while the presence of MT4 trading platform makes EquityMarket365 really stand out. You can always call the customer support 24/5 to know more about the services. Sign up when you think you are comfortable with joining the platform.