Monday, April 12, 2021

Electroneum (ETN) Seals Partnership with Cellcard to Obtain Foothold in South East Asia

Electroneum (ETN) has been welcoming a host of developments since the start of 2020. AnyTask platform was recently launched, and within a few days, its functionalities have been obvious within the Electroneum ecosystem and the crypto community at large.

The latest notable achievement is the sealed partnership with Cellcard, a mobile network that operates in Cambodia. According to the report, this collaboration is meant to enable airtime and data top-ups, coupled with obtaining an important foothold in the South East Asia region.

Going by the report, Electroneum (ETN) is the first cryptographic project to work directly with a mobile network operator and the only one working with NGOs as transaction validators.

This recent development is seen as a groundbreaking achievement and a means for Electroneum (ETN) to expand further.

Cellcard is an international and award-winning MNO. It is also the longest-serving telecommunications company in Cambodia with more than 20 years of operation.

The telecommunication company covers 80% of the region, with a customer base of over 3.2 million. The mobile network operator is on a mission similar to that of Electroneum, that’s why the recent partnership between the duos is timely and beneficial.

The priority of Electroneum (ETN) is to strategically get rid of financial exclusion across the world, in order to give the countless global population of unbanked the means to access the global digital economy.

Electroneum has been working with NGOs that help in validating the transactions of the digital token ETN on its blockchain. The focus of these NGOs is centered on delivering long-lasting aid based on education for children, coupled with helping their families out of abject poverty.

As for the people living in Cambodia, the over $3 rewards they are opened to receive from interacting with the Electroneum mobile app should be enough for a 21-day Cellcard prepaid plan, which will give them the call time of 143 minutes and 2gb of data.

In conclusion, this recent development implies that Electroneum (ETN) is not limiting its services in limited regions, but plans to reach the whole world with its use cases, which is a good means to speed up its mainstream adoption.

Tobi Loba
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