Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Electroneum (ETN) Removes 5% Surcharge on Purchases on AnyTask to Support the Fight against COVID-19

Electroneum (ETN) has announced the removal of a 5% surcharge on all purchases on the freelance platform AnyTask.

This serves as a means to support the freelancers and small businesses as the governments across the world strive to put the global pandemic, COVID-19 under control.

The founder and CEO of Electroneum (ETN), Richard Ells said, “The offer will be in place until the global COVID-19 pandemic is under control. We aim to provide all those working from home with a way to supplement their income amid the global health crisis.”

This new development depicts the purpose of creating Electroneum (ETN) in 2017. It was specifically created as a global mobile instant payment digital currency to put an end to financial exclusion in a world where 1.7 billion people are unbanked.

The founder of Electroneum (ETN) further added that “For the first time ever, there is a freelance marketplace that does not require sellers of digital tasks to have a bank account and does not charge fees to those offering their skills in the global digital economy.”

Richard Ells furthered that the freelance platform has been living up to expectation since its emergence, giving many sellers room to demonstrate amazing digital skills.

“There are many sellers on AnyTask that have demonstrated amazing digital skills. On average, tasks on our freelance platform are five times less expensive than on any other online marketplace,” Richard Ells said.

Ells also said that “…those businesses and individuals that work with freelancers have the opportunity to purchase high-quality digital tasks at very low prices.”

Recall that Electroneum released the BETA version of its Ledger App a couple of days ago, and also received City AM’s Sustainability and Social Impact Crypto Award, due to its focus and success in helping people in the developing countries.

Tobi Loba
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