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DigiByte (DGB) Is Designed To Be a Better Version of Bitcoin (BTC) –Rudy Bouwman

Rudy Bouwman, the secretary, and vice-chairman of DigiByte Foundation has specified that DigiByte (DGB), the 35th largest cryptocurrency, was designed to be a better Bitcoin (BTC).

According to Bouwman, DigiByte has no need for Lightning Network unlike the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

He, however, pointed out that DigiByte may not have the capability to replace Bitcoin (BTC) as a store of value, but it is much more suitable for payments and blockchain applications.

He further stated that DGB is fast, secure, and scalable, making the cryptocurrency silver, while Bitcoin (BTC) remains the one and only digital gold in the crypto sphere.

Rudy Bouwman shared this, “DigiByte doesn’t need Lightning Network. DGB, designed to be a better version of Bitcoin, would never replace king BTC as store of value, but DGB is much more suitable for crypto payments and blockchain applications: fast, secure, scalable. BTC is gold, DGB is silver.”

Rudy Bouwman Explains Why DigiByte (DGB) May Never Replace Bitcoin (BTC)

Rudy Bouwman further explained why he thinks DigiByte (DGB) may never replace Bitcoin (BTC) as a store of value after a user asked as follows:

“Rudy, I hear this a lot, that DGB would never replace the King BTC as a store of value? Why exactly is that statement true? Why can’t DGB be a better store of Value?”

In his explanation, he said DGB has the capability to be a good alternative as a store of value, but may never replace Bitcoin (BTC), the first and largest cryptocurrency. He added that his points apply to other digital currencies in the market.

He wrote:

DigiByte (DGB) for sure can be good alternative as store of value. But I think it will never replace Bitcoin. BTC in market capitalization. This counts for every other cryptocurrency, hence the name altcoins But I think we’ll be satisfied with a 2nd place, don’t you think?

DigiByte (DGB) Can Support Over 48 Million Transactions A Day

According to a blog post published by a trading platform, Uphold, the digital token DGB is capable of supporting over 48 million transactions a day.

“DGB can support over 48 million transactions a day – that’s 10 times the current transaction capacity of the top 50 blockchains by market cap, said London-based Cassiopeia, which runs DGB’s public relations.”

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