Thursday, May 6, 2021

CSO of OKEx Challenges Binance over How Its Female Employees are Wrongly Used for Marketing

Alysa Xu, the CSO at OKEx exchange has some hours ago challenged the manner in which Binance, the arguably largest exchange by trading volume, uses its female employees for marketing.

She further stated that women deserve care and respect rather than objectifying them publicly, which directly or indirectly hurts the industry in the process.

This came about after Molly, the Head Marketing at HashKey Hub revealed the marketing strategy adopted by Binance exchange, whereby, young women are used as a public object to gain attraction.

She pinpointed a post shared by Binance CMO, Heyi on Weibo a few days ago. The post was about the requirement needed for the available job meant for female job seekers at the crypto exchange.

According to what Molly reported, the interested female applicants must be beautiful and young, with big boobs. She captioned her tweet with the screenshots of the post on Weibo to back up her claims.

Molly shared this, “Not sure binance reached a new low or just good at marketing, heyi their CMO posted weibo few days say they’re are hiring the only requirements are beautiful young girl with big boobs (literally what she said), and today they’ve announced their new hiring .. very interesting

CSO OKEx Responded With a Message to Binance

CSO at OKEx, Alysa Xu expressed her displeasure towards the marketing strategy. She said turning beautiful young girls to a public object of attraction is a dent to the reputation of the cryptocurrency industry.

She thereby charged Binance exchange to stop disrespecting woman in such manner

100% shocked by what Binance did to female employees. It’s def not OK to spread “daring” photos of young girls in client groups. Women should be appreciated & treated equally. Publicly objectifying females is hurting the industry. Please, stop challenging everyone’s bottom line,” Alysa Xu shared.

The tweet has since attracted tons of reactions. The majority of the responders condemned such a pattern of marketing and charged the exchanged to turn over a new leaf. Some also came with instances to prove Molly and Alysa’s assertions right.

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