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CREAM, a VeChain strategic partner and leading investment incubator that focuses on blockchain-powered projects, has pinpointed and discussed two major use cases that make VeChain the leading network for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

It can be recalled that on 27th January 2021, VeChain Foundation announced the launch of Sync 2, a revolutionary solution designed to fast-track the mass adoption of decentralized applications (dApps).

In a broad blog post, CREAM discussed how and why Sync 2 brings improvement to the current market situation and what makes Sync 2 alongside VeChainThor the ultimate choice for mainstream dApp adoption.

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According to the team at CREAM, “Sync 2 removes the majority of the jargon, difficulty, and the blockchain-ness of using blockchain.”

The team also added that Sync 2 allows users to experience dApps as much as web-based applications, which in turn lows the barrier to entry.

CREAM Discusses Two Use Cases In Sync 2 That Makes VeChain Outstanding

According to CREAMethod, the first major use case embedded in Sync 2 that makes VeChain outstanding in the industry is Gaming/NFT environment.

Considering this use case, the team says the application of Sync 2 within VIMworld, a collectible and gaming platform belonging to CREAM, can be envisaged.

VIMworld and other types of NFT platforms have applications that can greatly benefit from the implementation of Sync 2, the team added.

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In a cited example, the team says:

“A user wishes to buy a VIM and visits the VIMworld website to do so. Sync 2 can create a wallet on behalf of the user. Using VeChain’s unique ‘Fee Delegation as a Service’ (DaaS) protocol, this individual can pay in fiat to purchase EHrT which, to a layman, appears to function like any of the many in-game currencies that exist in the traditional gaming world.”

The team further stated that such a user can now buy a VIM of their choice, while transaction fees are silently processed in the background.

Also, new users will gain the ability to enjoy games and interact with the platform with little or no prior experience.

Simply put, the team at CREAM noted:

“With Sync 2, online blockchain-based gaming becomes as intuitive and as simple as using any traditional PC game with an in-game market, tokens or other features that tens of millions of gamers are perfectly familiar with today.”

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The second major use case embedded in Sync 2 according to CREAM is sustainability application. Regarding the second use case, the team says an application surrounding sustainability/incentivised green behavior can be envisaged as much as VeChain’s Low Carbon Ecosystem project.

In this regard, users will be individually awarded for their green behavior, “creating a monetary incentive to act in a manner that benefits the environment and reduces carbon emissions.”

A good example of the application is currently being development by DNV GL. Such an application is related to riding a bicycle to work in order to reduce carbon emissions.

In a nutshell, CREAM said, “With Sync 2, the transformative power of blockchain technology becomes readily available for everyday use regardless of an individual’s technical knowledge.”

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Conclusively, CREAM remains confident that VeChain will become a trillion-dollar protocol in the future, considering its focus on mass adoption and building tools and services that open blockchain to the masses.

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