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VeChain Brings Transparency and Trust to People and Businesses –Former US Congressional Candidate

A formal United States congressional candidate, David Gokhshtein, who is an entrepreneur and a stern cryptocurrency enthusiast, has some hours ago acknowledged the major use case of VeChain (VET) regarding transparency and trust.

Since the beginning of 2020, VeChain, a leading enterprise-friendly public blockchain platform, has been garnering much-needed attention and recognition from around the world due to its specific functionality.

The blockchain project has bagged major partnerships that give other businesses a positive impression regarding its use cases.

VeChain has so far been successful in its aim to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing enterprises with blockchain solutions suitable for their business needs and to also build trust-free and distributed business ecosystem platform for business value.

With VeChain ToolChain, a one-stop data BaaS platform, VeChain will keep promoting the large scale application of blockchain technology to realize the long-term vision of enabling the real economy. These specific visions and functionalities have brought VeChain to the limelight.

VeChain Brings Transparency to People and Businesses

David Gokhshtein is a former US congressional candidate and cryptocurrency enthusiast that is more interested in the Ripple’s digital token XRP. But the attention commanded by VeChain lately has seemingly caught his attention.

In a tweet posted some hours ago, Gokhshtein professed the major utility embedded in VeChain that keeps convincing a host of capital enterprises around the world.

David Gokhshtein tweeted, “I know VET because it helps brings transparency. This helps people and companies between trust.”

VeChain Foundation Announces Launch Date of Its Digital Marketplace

According to VeChain Foundation, Vulcan, a beta version of its digital marketplace, VeriArti, is set to go live officially on 6th August 2020. This upcoming launch of the digital marketplace was officially confirmed in a post published on Medium some hours ago.

VeriArti is a digital Marketplace based on VeChainThor, which allows artists to tokenize their work and to also create unique tokens known as VRA NFT-181. Vulcan on the other hand is a hub for all DApps on the VeChain ecosystem. Tokens created by the artists are tradable on VeriArti and can also serve as proof that a specific work belongs to an author.

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