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Key Insights:

  • Onchain Summer is set to pioneer global blockchain explorations.
  • Base by Coinbase, the key to a dynamic onchain economy.
  • Coinbase’s Onchain Summer offers exploration, engagement, and earnings in the blockchain.

Coinbase, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange giant, is poised to launch a groundbreaking event: “Onchain Summer.” Starting on August 9, this three-week celebration will unfold as a global journey into the increasingly influential onchain economy. Besides signaling the launch of the Base mainnet, Onchain Summer aims to propel the benefits of this thriving economy to billions worldwide.

At the heart of Onchain Summer is Coinbase’s commitment to building a sturdy bridge to the onchain world. Their mission is clear: to provide swift, seamless, and user-focused access to cryptocurrencies. Consequently, Coinbase is all set to fuel both beginner’s and veterans’ exploration into the captivating universe of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Teaming Up with Base: A Move Toward Enhanced Onchain Interactions

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However, what makes Onchain Summer particularly noteworthy is its strategic partnership with Base—an Ethereum Layer 2 solution developed by Coinbase. Base, a secure and developer-friendly platform, is an integral player in this narrative.

In the coming week, Coinbase will integrate support for Base into the Coinbase Wallet, the Coinbase app, and Coinbase NFT. Significantly, with the launch of Onchain Summer on August 9, the entire populace can explore and engage with decentralized apps on Base for free.

A Multi-Week Celebration of Cryptocurrency Engagement and Learning

Onchain Summer doesn’t merely mark Base’s inception; it also paves the way for participants to mint unique releases and gain valuable insights from crypto industry leaders. Moreover, it holds the potential for participants to earn rewards through active onchain involvement.

In particular, the Coinbase Wallet has planned quests that offer token or NFT rewards for onchain participation. For newcomers, there is an enticing opportunity to earn up to $50 in crypto. Additionally, a new quest aims to educate users about acquiring ETH on Base, accessible via the Coinbase Wallet or the Coinbase app’s web3 wallet.

Setting the Stage for Onchain Discovery and Growth

With the imminent launch of the much-awaited Base mainnet and the commencement of the Onchain Summer event, Coinbase maintains its unwavering dedication to encouraging worldwide embracement of the onchain economy. It stands at the forefront, paving the path toward a future where blockchain technology and digital currencies become not merely accessible but an indispensable part of daily life. It creates opportunities for individuals and brands to delve into the capabilities of decentralized applications and digital currencies.

Therefore, the following three weeks signify more than a celebration of onchain culture. It represents a pivotal stride in harnessing the full power of blockchain technology.

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