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Charlie Lee Signed Into Litecoin Genesis Block to Show Craig Wright How to Prove He Is Satoshi

The creator of Litecoin (LTC) Charles Lee, has sent a vital message to the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC) Craig Wright, by signing into the genesis block of Litecoin (LTC), to prove the ownership of the genesis private key.

The anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin (BTC), has been causing controversy since its inception a decade ago.

Craig Wright, an American computer scientist and businessman, has over the years claimed that he’s Satoshi, with a number of court cases as means to certify himself. But the cryptocurrency community members have continuously asked him to sign into Bitcoin genesis block using the genesis private key to prove he is Satoshi.

Charlie Lee Proves He Is the Creator of Litecoin (LTC)

It became a long conversation on Twitter after a user shared a proof published on Medium by Charlie Lee, to prove that the creator of Litecoin really signed with the genesis private key. The proof is titled “I, Charlie Lee, am the creator of Litecoin”.

After he was asked if he really signed into Litecoin genesis block with his private key, he said:

“Yes, I signed with my private key to the genesis address. That’s the best way to prove ownership of a private key in the crypto space. You can verify my message, by putting the message (without quotes), signature, & address in the Litecoin client or here:

To further clarify that he indeed signed with his private key, he wrote:

1) I claim that I created Litecoin 2) Creator of Litecoin presumably owns the genesis private key 3) Owner of genesis private key signed the message that he is Charlie Lee and he created Litecoin How much more proof do you need? This is the best proof you can practically do.

The proof is not and will never eliminate an infinite world of possibilities. For example, someone else created Litecoin and I am just a front man to hide that fact. So he signed a message saying I created it. There’s no proof in the world that can disprove this possibility.

Or maybe, I killed the real creator of Litecoin, stole his identity, and his private keys. And I’m now pretending to be the creator and no one will ever find out. I can never ever prove that’s not what happened. Because any information I have, one can claim I stole it.

Another user then suggested that Craig Wright possibly chose to prove himself in court rather than signing into Bitcoin genesis block, because he does not possess the private key:

“I think that’s why CW wants to do this in court with I assume more evidence than just the key. Those evidences I suppose are invoices, tax returns showing business expenses related to Bitcoin etc. It’s easy for people to say he stole the keys otherwise.”

In response to the user’s assertion, the creator of Litecoin (LTC) wrote, “Except all the evidence can be fabricated. And he’s been shown in court that he has submitted fabricated evidence. So how does that help or prove anything?”

In the course of the conversation, Charlie Lee insisted that the only means Craig wright could prove himself as the creator of Bitcoin is to simply sign with the private key of the genesis block.

Charlie Lee Signed Into Litecoin Genesis Block to Show Craig Wright How to Prove He Is Satoshi
Courtesy of Twitter

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