Hoskinson: It Would Be a Lot of Fun If Cardano and Dogecoin Work Together
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The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, who doubles as the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH), has narrated the reason behind the departure of seven out of eight founders of Ethereum.

He seized the opportunity to make this revelation while in a conversation with CoinMarketCap, the crypto prices and market information center.

The interview is titled “Charles Hoskinson on the Power of Crypto, working from home, and Mongolian hunting falcons.”

In the course of the interview, many things related to his personal life were discussed. And a notable narration followed after the interviewer asked him the following question:

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“For a more personal question, do you have a “favorite” failure in either crypto or your life in general?”

Answering the question, Charles Hoskinson used his time at Ethereum some years ago as a case study. He said he made a lot of decisions he termed as less than the highest standard.

He said:

“A lot of the decisions I made when I was at Ethereum I consider to be suboptimal. This is a great example of where you think people were going to work together for the greater good, or for rationality, or for their own financial best interest — but they don’t.”

Charles Hoskinson Points Out the Cause of Division between the Ethereum Founders

According to Charles Hoskinson, the separation of Ethereum founders was caused by the disagreement over the choice on which the project could be built. Going by his account, Ethereum had eight founders from the onset, but seven left to create their own companies, due to the unreconciled differences.

Hoskinson explained as follows:

“…with Ethereum, the choice of a for-profit versus a not-for-profit — it’s brain dead obvious that most people would pick a for-profit. It gives you more freedom for your business execution. Second, if you create a lot of value, you own that value, where the not-for-profit, you’re walking away from that value. No one has any incentive to stay with a not-for-profit, which is exactly what ended up happening with Ethereum.

“They had eight founders, all seven of the eight left and all created their own companies. Some of these companies aren’t even in the Ethereum space. For example, Parity Tech is building a competing product, and Consensus may even start pivoting, and obviously I’m not doing work on Ethereum.”

Charles Hoskinson Highlights Mistakes He Made In Releases with Cardano (ADA)

Still in line with the question from the correspondent that says, “…do you have a “favorite” failure in either crypto or your life in general?” Charles Hoskinson referenced a particular mistake he made with Cardano (ADA) project releases.

He said:

My favorite mistake is just mis-predicting. Obviously, I made a lot of strategic mistakes, like product ordering. For example, with Cardano, we should have released Icarus before Daedalus, and we should have probably used a different language to implement it: Haskell just was not ready.

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