Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Charles Hoskinson Wants To Be Identified With Only Cardano (ADA) Rather than Ethereum

The CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson, took to Twitter about two days ago, to share his discontentment in being identified as the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) by the crypto media, pointed out that he prefers to be identified with only Cardano (ADA) project.

According to Hoskinson, the day all the cryptocurrency news outlets stop using co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), and stick to only Cardano (ADA), will be a really good day for him.

He added that there is no project he’s been involved with throughout his life that he’s more proud of than the Cardano (ADA) project. He said it’s now more than five years he left Ethereum, so he prefers not to be identified with the project anymore.

Charles Hoskinson shared this, “One of these days, the Crypto media will stop using co-founder of Ethereum and just mention Cardano. And that’s going to be a really good day. There is no project or effort I’ve been involved with throughout my entire life that I’m more proud of than Cardano. Fives years++”

Afterward, one of the responders to his tweet argued that “ETH is the most successful project you’ve been on.”

In response to the responder’s notion, Charles Hoskinson said, “Cardano is far far more meaningful. We have cleared a path for how to build a proper cryptocurrency that has the ability to evolve over time to a billion person system.”

Charles Hoskinson’s Relationship with Ethereum (ETH)

The relationship between the co-founder of Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson and Ethereum (ETH) can simply be termed ‘complicated’.

He left the Ethereum project in 2014. Within this interval of years, he had at times thrown jibe at Vitalik Buterin, his former co-founder. And Buterin has not been restrained from calling him out occasionally over the years.

So, the request recently tendered by Hoskinson is quite understandable, and it will be pleasing to the Cardano community members that their leader his declaring his allegiance to the success of the project he’s very proud of.

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