Friday, April 16, 2021

Charles Hoskinson Announces the Release of Haskell Cardano Node 1.8

As an indication that Cardano team is working despite the difficult situation that envelopes the world at the moment, the version 1.8 of Haskell Cardano Node has just been released.

The new development was announced a few minutes ago by the CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson, via his official Twitter handle.

According to the report, the new version comes with new features, improvements and resolved issues to enhance user experience.

Charles Hoskinson shared this, “And about releases, the Haskell Cardano Node just hit version 1.8 today.”

Below are the new features, improvements and resolved issues as shared on Github:

New Features

  1. Added new CLI commands get-tip, pretty-print-cbor and validate-cbor
  2. Added version command to CLI


  1. Added structured logging for TxSubmission
  2. Added logging detail for TraceForgedInvalidBlock
  3. Improved default configuration for logging filters
  4. Improved tracers for logging and benchmarking
  5. Improved tracing and error reporting in the network layer
  6. Added trace transaction flow in TxSubmission for transaction system tracing
  7. Integrated Windows IOCP-based asynchronous I/O, with abstraction layer
  8. Vectored asynchronous I/O for Windows network sockets
  9. Clarifed code for genesis generation
  10. Added timeouts for the handshake phase in the node-to-node protocol
  11. Improved use of PRNGs
  12. Dropped dependency on OpenSSL for easier cross-compilation to ARM and JavaScript

Resolved issues

  1. Fixed configuration for routing of metrics monitoring backends
  2. Fixed error classification policies
  3. Fixed resource management bugs
  4. Squashed accidental memory retention on the chain
  5. Fixed a race condition with 0-length SDUs
  6. Reduced fetching of duplicate transactions
  7. Fixed an unstructured message output for journald
  8. Fixed an EBB-related bug
  9. Fixed a chain DB bug and improved performance in adding blocks
  10. Fixed a block fetch bug
  11. Fixed calculation of transaction size to match legacy Byron implementation
  12. Fixed replay protection for votes on protocol updates
  13. Fixed a minor mismatch on transaction size in a block to conform the specification
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