Monday, March 1, 2021

Cardano Announces Update to Yoroi Browser Testnet Extension with 5 New Features

The Cardano (ADA) Yoroi Wallet has recently announced a massive update to the Yoroi browser testnet (Shelley) extension.

Yoroi Wallet shared the new development via its official Twitter handle a couple of minutes ago.

According to the report, the new version 2.5.1 comes with 5 new features such as a reward history graph, coupled with three prominent changes to bring improvement to the overall design of the product.

Yoroi Wallet shared this, “Happy to announce a massive update to the Yoroi browser testnet (Shelley) extension (version 2.5.1) – 5 new features like a reward history graph – 3 large changes to improve overall design…”

Details of the New Features

In a series of tweets, Yoroi Wallet itemized and elaborated on the new features that are ready for users to leverage in order to get the best out of the product. These features can be found below as shared by Yoroi Wallet:

“We rewrote the “upcoming rewards” screen. Now when you change your stake pools, you can easily see when your delegation change will take effect.

We added a “reward history” graph so you can see how much ADA you’ve earned every epoch since the start of the testnet.”

Our UI was redesigned with a new top bar and sidebar. This new UI will allow us to add multi-wallet support in a future update. Our transaction history page was re-written to match the new design. It’s now much more compact also.

We now also shows “internal” addresses (sometimes called change addresses). This is to help users find out which of their addresses contain ADA — especially useful for tax season.

We now warn users about “mangled” addresses in their wallet (we only show this if you are affected) and provide a single button fix for the problem. We suspect nobody on the testnet is affected by this issue. If affected, it can lower your rewards.

We added a warning when our node detects an issue with a pool. Currently, this feature is primitive but we hope it will grow to a community-run curation process where users choose who they trust to provide reputation & curation info. For more details, follow this link.

Lastly, we re-designed our settings page to be more space-efficient,” Yoroi Wallet concluded.

In conclusion, Yoroi Wallet reassured that Yoroi Mobile Support will be released by the end of this week. So, users are implored to stay tuned for future announcements and updates.

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