Friday, April 16, 2021

Brendan Blumer: EOS WPS Is Powerful When Utilizing Democratized Consensus

The CEO of, Brendan Blumer has stressed the capability of the EOS Worker Proposal System (WPS) when it comes to utilizing democratized consensus.

He shared this insight in a series of tweets on 17th April 2020. In the tweets, he said EOS WPS is very effective and practical when using democratized consensus to detect an opportunity and ensure accountability.

He furthered that there is no value in what is done without involving the public. He promised that will ensure that everything is properly done in conjunction with the community.

Brendan Blumer wrote:

“An EOS WPS can be powerful and practical when leveraging democratized consensus to identify opportunity and cement accountability. Without involving the public, value is lost. B1 PBE is actively working on these concepts and looks forward to collaborating with the community.”

EOS Community Member Inquires

An EOS community member identified on Twitter as “Binaural Beats” asked Brendan Blumer about his stance regarding 1 account per vote. He also inquired of how the identity issue will be sorted out in the process.

“Really curious as to which route you would be taking. 1 account 1 vote? How would you solve the identity part? Also wouldn’t you agree that the votes by the public to bp’s represent their involvement? It may be indirect but there’s accountability on both ends I feel,” Binaural Beats asked.

Blumer did not ignore the view and inquiry of the community member but rather pointed out that the 1 man per vote is being considered. He then claimed that one thing that is certain is that everything is subject to being elected by the token holders.

“We’re looking more closely at 1 human, 1 vote… but it will always be subject to being elected by the token holders. There is nothing more powerful than plutocratic election of democracy,” Brendan Blumer responded.

Solomon Odunayo
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