Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Bitazu Capital Founding Partner Loses $20,000 in XMR While Using Xmrwallet.com

Bitazu Capital Founding Partner, Mohit Sorout, took to Twitter a couple of hours ago to inform the cryptocurrency community members about the loss of relatively $20,000 in XMR while using xmrwallet.com.

According to the tweet shared by Sorout, the theft of the huge sum of money started 20 minutes after the deposit was made.

He also suggested that the tor browser he used could be a trojanized version, which possibly aided the easy theft. He thereby asked the crypto community members to suggest the likely cause of the least expected loss.

Mohit Sorout tweeted, “Fucking ashamed at myself for losing ~$20k today while using xmrwallet dot com. Theft started 20 minutes after deposit. Not sure if it was the tor browser I used (trojanized version??) or if the website devs are at fault. Anyone knows what the fuck happened?”

Bitazu Capital Founding Partner Loses $20,000 in XMR While Using Xmrwallet dot com

He further stated the vital step he took to restrict the crypto thieves from stealing the rest of the digital currency in the compromised wallet.

Sorout noted:

“Literally had to sit and wait for rest of balance to unlock so that I could click SEND and withdraw the rest before the scammer could.”

Electrum User Loses 1400 BTC worth $16 Million

An Electrum user has reported the loss of 1,400 BTC worth $16 million to hacker after downloading an old version of the popular software wallet that is running on malicious servers.

The alleged hacker behind the huge theft initiated the transaction on 29th August 2020, paying $36.89 as transaction fees.

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