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Binance Futures Launches $70,000 Giveaway for Users Trading On LINK/USDT Perpetual Contract

According to an update published some hours ago on the official website of Binance exchange, Binance Futures has launched a $70,000 giveaway for users that are trading on Chainlink (LINK) against Tether (USDT) perpetual contract.

According to the report, the competition will hold between 6th March 2020, at 0:00 AM and 13th March 2020, at 0:00 AM (UTC).

The airdrop will be in two parts. $50,000 in BNB and $20,000 in Binance Futures vouchers.

“Trade Chainlink LINK/USDT on Binance Futures for a Chance Win $50,000 in BNB and $20,000 in Binance Futures Vouchers!” Binance exchange shared.

Promotion A

In the first part of the promotion, the LINK spot traders will be sharing $20,000 in Futures vouchers. All users with more than 1,000 LINK trading volume in any LINK spot trading pair in the last 7 days will be qualified to receive a $20 in Binance Futures voucher for opening a new Binance Futures account during the period of the competition.

  1. During the activity period, users will receive 20 USDT in Futures Vouchers the day after they open a Binance Futures account.
  2. Users will be rewarded on a first come first served basis until all 20,000 USDT in Futures Bonus Vouchers is airdropped.
  3. Users can check their Futures Bonus Vouchers and other guides in the Rewards Center.
  4. Any user that uses the 20 USDT Futures Voucher to trade the LINK/USDT perpetual futures contract could win even more prizes in Promotion B below.

Promotion B

In the second part of the promotion, the eligible users that trade LINK/USDT perpetual futures contract will share $50,000 in BNB digital tokens.

The sharing of the prize will be based on the proportion of each user’s total effective LINK/USDT Futures trading volume in the course of the competition.

This includes buys and sells of the LINK/USDT perpetual contract. All users ranked in top 10 will share most of the prize pool as follows:

1st: 10,000 USD in BNB tokens

2nd: 5,000 USD in BNB tokens

3rd: 3,000 USD in BNB tokens

4th-10th: Equally split 7,000 USD in BNB tokens

According to Binance exchange, all users, except the top 10s, with 10,000 LINK trading volume on the LINK/USDT perpetual futures contract will evenly share $25,000 in BNB.

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