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Apex Legends Team to Receive Salaries in XRP as Ripple Moves To Expand Across Europe and Southeast Asia

SBI e-Sports, a subsidiary of major financial services company based in Japan, SBI Holdings, has publicized the launch of its Apex Legends division.

Four players, including Haru, P1NKI, Lelia, and Wasuo, have been hired and they have all chosen to be paid their salaries in XRP.

Lelia, one of the hired players, claimed to have once held the digital asset.

Apex Legends that was officially released in February 2019 has been growing its popularity since its emergence. It has now become a well-known shooter battle royale game.

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As reported by Herald Sheets in mid-October 2020, the world’s best Sonic player, Kengo “KEN” Suzuki was signed by the Super Smash Bros division of SBI e-Sports.

The sponsorship contract published also indicated that the top player will receive his payments in XRP rather than in fiat.

Sealed Deal to Support XRP

Around the ending of September 2020, SBI e-Sports sealed a sponsorship deal with the VC Trade crypto exchange powered by SBI Holdings. According to the deal, players are liable to receive their salaries in XRP.

Japan is finally waking up to the fast-growing e-sports industry. Local regions now hold tournaments to boost their economies.

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Ripple Moves to Expand Across Europe and Southeast Asia

The open job positions at Ripple show that the cross-border payment firm is moving to expand its payment business in Europe and Southeast Asia.

The payment firm is currently advertising an available position for the managing director for RippleNet in Europe:

“Ripple is sharpening its focus on the dynamic payments landscape across Europe.

We are looking for an executive, reporting directly to the GM of RippleNet, to help lead efforts in the region and support our fast-growing team in London.”

Ripple says whoever occupies the position will help generate a pipeline of the fastest-growing customers in the region and will also work with governments.

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Based on this job advertisement, the firm is also looking for someone to lead its Southeast Asian efforts.

The position of a sale director that will handle the “direct sale of Ripple products and services to financial institutions, specifically with a focus on selling to banks” is also vacant at Ripple.

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