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ActivTrades logoActivTrades was established in Switzerland but moved to the United Kingdom after four years in 2005. It evolved from there into a worldwide brokerage that now serves traders from over one hundred and fifty nations. It began as a Forex broker but has now grown to include over nine hundred CFDs in six categories. At ActivTrades, technology plays a vital role, as shown by its significant investment in its trading infrastructure and development staff in Bulgaria. ActivTrades was named amongst the fastest growing businesses in the UK inl 2017.

The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom regulates ActivTrades. The authority is the broker’s primary regulator. In Milan, Italy, a branch was opened and registered with the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission. The Securities Commission of the Bahamas has approved the broker’s Bahamian affiliate, ActivTrades Corp. Client funds are segregated, and UK portfolios are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the event of the broker’s default. All retail traders have access to negative balance protection.

ActivTrades is a UK-based broker that also offers spread betting on MT5, MT4, and its ActivTrader platform. The login procedure, incentives, margin requirements, and more are all covered in our study. ActivTrades PLC was formed in Switzerland and eventually moved its headquarters to London. The broker has a large customer base throughout Europe, including Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, and other countries. With offices in Sofia, Milan, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, and Italy, the business currently employs more than five hundred people. In addition, ActivTrades just established a place in Dubai. The UK Financial Conduct Authority has authorized and regulated ActivTrades Corp, a subsidiary of the company. The Bahamas Security Commission regulates ActivTrades Corp, a part of ActivTrades, which is regulated and licensed by the FCA. The body is a reputable regulating agency, which implies the broker has a high confidence level, in our opinion.

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Currency pairings are commission-free, with an average spread of 0.72 pips on the Euros and US dollars which is a reasonable offer. Minimum fees of one dollar or one euro per share applies to US stock  and UK CFDs respectively. This broker additionally charges its customers one Euro per month for market data; although this is not a hefty fee, it is out of step with the industry and unacceptable. On leveraged overnight positions, swap costs apply, which may be acquired directly from trading platforms. Corporate activities are exposed to equity and index CFDs, as stated on the website. Deposits and withdrawals are subject to third-party fees.

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Fees for Inactivity

Inactive accounts are subject to a fee from ActivTrades. The registered brokerage customer is charged an account inactivity fee. Clients may be required to meet specific trading activity criteria by brokers as part of the account’s terms and conditions. If a trader’s account is dormant for a length of time as determined by the company, a fee for Inactivity could be charged.

Trading accounts that operate online are not exempt from inactivity penalties. Many financial service providers may charge inactivity fees. Kindly review the broker’s website to ensure that you are aware of and satisfied with all of the services and costs that may be paid to you. Close your trading account with the broker’s customer service if you are no longer utilizing it. Also, make sure you have proof that any outstanding costs are not owed to you.

Only under specific conditions, depending on the kind of account you signed up for, may you be charged an inactivity fee. Any inactivity fees must be appropriately disclosed as part of a broker’s regulation. To compensate for the absence of commission revenues from your trading, certain brokerage companies may impose inactivity fees as compensation for keeping your account on their costly trading platforms.

Platforms for Trading

Traders who do not have current trading solutions built on the MT4 infrastructure may find ActivTrader, this broker’s trading platform, aesthetically attractive. It is only accessible as a web trader, yet it provides for the most comprehensive trading environment. Furthermore, the ActivTrader platform does not allow automated trading solutions, making it solely suitable for manual traders. The MT4 trading platform and its unsuccessful successor, the MT5, are available on ActivTrades.

The Smart Tool suite enhances the MT4 platform’s fundamental features and turns it into a sophisticated trading platform. It can be further customized with hundreds of third-party plugins, and it fully supports automated trading systems, making it a better option overall. Unfortunately, not all assets are supported by MT4. Traders may divide their portfolio and use ActivTrader in conjunction with MT4 for a more optimal strategy that unlocks the full power of the platform.

ActivTrades’ online trading platform, ActivTrader, is available. It’s highly configurable, bilingual, and comes with an easy-to-understand charge report. Price notifications, on the other hand, are not available. ActivTrades is a user-friendly platform that combines sophisticated features with industry-leading technology, making it ideal for those just starting in the trading world.

The following are some of the features:

  • Indicators of market mood
  • Strategies for hedging and scalping
  • There are two kinds of orders: instant and pending.
  • To safeguard revenue and profit, use an advanced trailing stop feature.

Bulgarian, English, Chinese, French,  Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian are among the languages supported by the online trading platform. The online trading interface of ActivTrades is user-friendly and well-designed. The platform’s customizability is mediocre as certain aspects cannot be moved about. The search bar and portfolio report features, for example, are both fixed.

ActivTrades trading platform


ActivTrades shows their dedication to the trading platforms with seven separate add-ons accessible for all active accounts, despite having built their trading platform. Traders may use the updated MT4 to access a better gateway than the one offered by the proprietary ActivTrades. The Smart Tools add-ons include automatic chart pattern identification, a fantastic tool for retail traders who may not have the resources or access to a professional trading team. The most important asset that this broker offers is Smart Tools.

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Education and Research

Three analysts do in-house research and offer daily trading suggestions. While the material is adequate, it falls well short of rival brokerages in terms of quality. The Smart Tools package provides customers with more helpful research than the analytics team’s published material. One-on-one training is provided, which is an excellent service for novice traders. There is a video collection for MT4 basic subjects, as well as guides for all trading platforms. Webinars are available on the internet and cover more advanced topics. ActivTrades also organizes events in major financial cities, and the educational sector offers excellent service.

You may access comprehensive education resources with essential components, analyses, courses, webinars, and e-books specified by the subject using ActivTrades. Furthermore, you will get access to a Demo account, as well as sophisticated analytical and technical analysis integrated into the platforms and unique add-ons that will help you learn and trade more effectively.

Promotions and Bonuses

For traders with a notional trading value of more than $50 million, ActivTrades offers a rebate program. Interest is provided on available free margin; however, only traders from the Bahamas operating subsidiary are eligible for both incentive schemes.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Traders may use Skrill, bank wires, credit cards, Neteller, Sofort, debit cards, and PayPal to fund their accounts. The broker can distinguish between traders from the United Kingdom and traders from other countries. The availability of choices and the costs connected with deposits and withdrawals are determined by geographic region. Under withdrawal possibilities, an ActivTrades Prepaid MasterCard is mentioned, but no additional information is given. To comply with AML rules, the trading account and payment processor must have the same name.

When establishing an ActivTrades trading account, a minimum deposit of 100 dollars is required. A minimum deposit is the amount of money that ActivTrades requires to establish a new online brokerage account. ActivTrades, for example, has a minimum deposit to set a trading account. Brokers with larger minimum deposits often provide extra premium services that are not accessible for free on other platforms.

Brokers with smaller minimum deposits cater to a more mainstream clientele who aren’t interested in some of the more sophisticated services and research tools. Brokers that do not demand a minimum deposit typically do so to attract new clients. Transaction commissions and other trading costs may be more significant with a low minimum deposit account since they have to earn a living. Brokers with a higher minimum deposit amount often provide a more comprehensive selection of trading facilities on their platforms. These brokers often offer more advanced technical analysis and research tools and more outstanding risk management capabilities.


ActivTrades charges a commission on different trading instruments. A broker may charge a commission fee as a service fee for enabling the purchase and sale of financial assets via your trading account. The majority of a brokerage’s income may come from commission fees charged to registered traders on client transactions. Commission costs vary based on the kind of trade, the type of financial instrument, and the size of your trading account. If the brokerage fulfills, changes, or order on your behalf, you will be charged a brokerage fee. If your brokerage fails to complete a market order, you will generally not be charged a fee. Be advised that your brokerage may impose a commission fee if your transaction is changed or canceled.


Due to regulatory limitations, various companies under the ActivTrades Brand provide different trading products. The trading instruments available may vary depending on the Client’s country of residency. With ActivTrades, you may trade a broad range of tools, in fact, over a hundred. ActivTrades offers over fifty currency pairs to trade on worldwide Forex markets if you’re searching for Forex brokers.


At the broker, you may trade more than 50 forex pairings and over five hundred  business shares, including equities from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Japan, are available too. There are around 35 major indexes, including Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Euronext, Ger30, and UK100. Gold, energy, silver, and cereals are among the other commodities available. In the United Kingdom, a range of ETFs and spread betting are also accessible. There are no bonds, cryptocurrencies, or binary options are accessible. ActivTrades has a more extensive selection of business shares than some other brokers.


ActivTrades provides forex spreads as low as 0.5 pips, and on GBPUSD, as low as 0.8 pips. On FX transactions, the broker does not charge a commission. Financial spreads on CFDs and indices may be as low as 0.5 pips. Spread betting is offered for a $1 fee per side, and there is no commission for UK-based customers. For holdings maintained overnight, the broker charges swap rates, which are detailed on the business website.

Apps for mobile devices

Mobile trading is offered on the MT4, ActivTrader, and MT5 platforms. From your smartphone or tablet device, you may manage your account and analyze prices in detail. Payments, customer service, and incentives, are all accessible as well. You can find information on how to trade from your iPhone, Android smartphone, and iPad on the broker’s website’s Mobile Trading section.


Once you achieve about ten million dollars in notional value traded, you may receive cashback on every transaction you make. While this is a fantastic offer, the promotional terms and conditions include high trading volume restrictions. There are no-deposit incentives available at this broker.

ActivTrades offers a variety of webinar-based training and education courses. From basic trading concepts to sophisticated trade theories, free instruction is provided at all levels. In addition, the broker offers one-on-one training with industry professionals on how to utilize the ActivTrades platforms and trading tools to their full potential. Bridging loans and other investment opportunities are also available via the business. For additional information, contact the customer service staff.


ActivTrades provides a variety of trading accounts. Individual, professional, and Islamic accounts are available. Personal and professional accounts benefits include FSCS protection, negative balance protection, segregated funds, and best execution, but the individual account also has rewards, leverage warnings, and risk alerts. Mini and micro quantities may also be traded on a regular individual account. Passports, utility bills, and bank statements are all required papers to establish an account.

Hours for Trading

ActivTrades operates according to regular market hours. The hours of operation vary somewhat depending on the instrument. However, they are usually open Monday through Friday. The platform’s server timings may vary based on your region. On bank holidays, ActivTrades operates on a restricted schedule following global financial markets. The broker’s website has further information on the precise adjustments.

Customer Service

ActivTrades provides customer service in 14 languages, every day of every week. Users may also look for answers to frequent questions in the FAQ area. The live chat feature is beneficial for most concerns since knowledgeable and competent employees staff it. The support service at ActivTrades has a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. The appropriate emblems and icons on the right-hand side of the site provide access to a live chat channel, a free call-back hotline, and email assistance. Summarily, customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through live chat. Traders may also contact us by email, phone or request a free callback. A glossary provides basic terms, while a FAQ section tries to address simple queries. All necessary papers are kept under the legal area.


Fund protection insurance of up to $1 million is available from ActivTrades Corp. To safeguard platforms, servers, and payments, the broker employs robust encryption methods. User security is also enhanced on the MetaTrader platforms, with different authentication methods available upon login.

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  • Low trading commissions
  • Outstanding account opening
  • Deposits and withdrawals are both free.
  • Courses, webinars, and e-books in education Technical analysis and market research
  • Unique tools
  • A demo account is available for free.


  • The product offering of ActivTrades is limited.
  • Essential research tools are required.
  • There is a charge for inactivity.


Finally, being an international broker with ten years of successful operation and experience working with primarily long-term professionals, ActivTrades provides a high-quality, well-maintained, and dependable choice. Various accessible alternatives to trade or enhance the trading experience, which we found very pleasant in our ActivTrades Review, demonstrate their focused attention to trader’s requirements. Spreads offered by the business as a whole, no dealing desk involvement in the trading process, and very competitive conditions are also attractive to different levels of traders.

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