Friday, April 16, 2021

XRP Liquidity Index on Bitso, BTC Markets, Attains All-Time High

The liquidity index of XRP on Mexico’s Bitso exchange, Australian’s BTC Markets, and on Philippine’s has recently attained a new all-time high.

These new milestones were recently recorded and reported by the Liquidity Index Bot on Twitter. The milestones were attained almost at the same time on the three exchanges.

This indicates a consistent increase in XRP transaction volume across all the exchanges, displaying the value of utilities embedded in the digital token XRP.

Liquidity of XRP/MXN Attains All-Time High on Bitso

According to Liquidity Index Bot, the Liquidity of XRP against Mexican Peso has recorded a new all-time high, with an increase of 2,272,878, when compared to the previous record.

The report is based on a 28-day moving trend, with Day progress of 17%.

“Liquidity Index for Bitso XRP/MXN (28-day moving trend) Day progress: 17% Today so far: 27,887,470 All Time High: 25,614,592,” Liquidity Index shared.

Liquidity Index for XRP/AUD on BTC Markets

Liquidity Index Bot also reported that the Liquidity of XRP against Australian Dollar recorded a new all-time high. The increase in liquidity when compared to the previous record is 1,762,335.

Liquidity Index shared this, “Liquidity Index for BTC Markets XRP/AUD (28-day moving trend) Day progress: 17% Today so far: 10,835,903 All Time High: 9,073,568.”

Liquidity Index of XRP/PHP Records New All-Time High

Also, the liquidity of the digital token XRP against Philippine Peso on has recorded a new milestone. The increase in liquidity when compared to the previous all-time high is 2,805,417.

“Liquidity Index for XRP/PHP (28-day moving trend) Day progress: 17% Today so far: 10,797,537 All Time High: 7,992,120.”

XRP’s Price Situation in the Market

Going by the chart on CoinMarketCap, XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has not experienced significant price growth over the past few days.

However, the digital currency is presently closer to breaking above $0.2 resistance level. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.194674, with a relatively 2% price downtrend based on 24 hours estimation.

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