Tuesday, June 15, 2021

XRP Labs Launches New Version of XRP-Based XUMM Wallet with Major Improvements and Bug Fixes

XRP Labs has recently announced the release of the new version of XUMM wallet, an app that provides XRP holders with the basic tools to be their own banks, such as creating accounts, store, send, receive and exchange value using XRP Ledger.

The announcement was made by the XUMM team via Twitter a couple of hours ago. According to the tweet, the team is rolling out the beta 5 version of the XRP-based wallet with over 50 improvements and bug fixes.

The announcement says:

“The new XUMM 0.5.1 Beta release has just been released to a small group of developers for final testing. Thank you very much for the trust, testing, feedback & suggestions XRP Community!”

According to the details of the new release shared by XUMM team in a blog post on Coil, the lots of changes made to improve the user experience of the app are the results of the considered feedback from users.

Improvements and Bugs Fixed

Among a number of improvements made to the XUMM wallet is the redesigned transaction detail page, where more information on transaction details is made visible to users, such as local date and time zone.

Also, the wallet now has a “discreet mode” to allow users to easily hide their account addresses and balances from showing whenever the app is launched.

As earlier mentioned, many bugs were fixed, but the notable one is the improvement made to the XRP Ledger connectivity.

According to the report, the new wallet beta has been released to a small group of developers for proper testing of the new version of XUMM. And it will be made available on App Store for users on 27th July 2020.

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