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XRP Experienced Mixed Growth in 2019 –Weiss Crypto Ratings

Ripple, the cross-border payment company based in the United States had its quarterly market report published a couple of days ago to display transparency before its customers around the world.

Several great achievements were recorded in the exclusive report. These were observed by Weiss Crypto Ratings, the leading provider of independent, unbiased, trusted ratings of Stocks, Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Financial Institutions.

After the close observation, the popular Crypto Rater concluded that the Ripple digital token XRP experienced mixed growth in the just-concluded year. This implies that the year presented both success and otherwise to XRP.

Weiss Crypto Ratings shared this, “Ripple Insights has published its quarterly markets report, which reveals that the company and its XRP token experienced mixed growth in 2019…”

It furthered that Ripple’s sale of XRP to the exchanges is dwindling as promised, which some crypto pundits view as a good decision for the health of the digital currency in the market.

Conclusively, the Crypto Rater somewhat threw its weight behind Ripple’s decision to go public, urging the blockchain Tech to make hay while the sun shines in terms of its much-talked-about IPO.

“…Sales to exchanges, however, are still on the decline. Ripple should hurry their IPO while they’re still riding the hype wave,” the Crypto Rater concluded.

XRP Liquidity on Mexican Bitso Exchange Records New All-Time High with 79% Daily Progress

According to a channel that posts the current snapshot of the Bitso Liquidity Index, Liquidity Index Bot, XRP Liquidity on Mexican Bitso exchange has recently recorded a new all-time high.

XRP Experienced Mixed Growth in 2019 –Weiss Crypto Ratings

“Liquidity Index for Bitso XRP/MXN (28-day moving trend). Day progress: 79% Today so far: 11,919,412. All-Time High: 11,204,766,” Liquidity Index Bot shared.

Meanwhile, Herald Sheets earlier reported that there was a new liquidity record for XRP against Philippines Peso (PHP) on These daily excellent results represent a great improvement in XRP transactions across all exchanges.

Solomon Odunayo
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