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  • XEX Crypto warns of Discord channel scam affecting users and advises caution and vigilance.
  • XEX Crypto’s official website is exclusively hosted at, and users are advised to stay safe.
  • XEX Crypto’s groundbreaking NFT collection, Xexadons, features 50 Ordinals, gamified staking mechanism.

XEX Crypto, a decentralized financial payment network, has warned its users about a potential scam that has impacted its Discord channel. In light of this, the company has cautioned all its users to avoid engaging with any content from the channel, especially, which has been linked to nefarious activities. By staying vigilant and refraining from suspicious activities, users can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

XEX Crypto addresses security breach

XEX Crypto has issued a statement confirming that their official website is exclusively hosted at The company has also advised users to be vigilant when receiving links or messages from the impacted Discord channel and to exercise caution until the issue is resolved. XEX Crypto is working diligently to resolve the situation and will provide further updates as necessary.

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To maintain user safety, XEX Crypto advised its users to rely exclusively on their official Twitter account for updates. They reassured their followers that their Twitter account is secure and trustworthy. XEX Crypto further promised to keep users informed as they work diligently to address the current situation.

Following the hack report, several users took to the comments section to express their grievances. Many alleged that the scammer had banned them from the server after they attempted to warn others about the fraudulent activity. One individual claimed to have suffered substantial losses due to the attack, underscoring the devastating impact of these types of cybercrimes.

A screenshot shared by CertiK Alert on Twitter warns users not to engage with a fraudulent announcement on the XEX Crypto Discord server. Additionally, the web3 sleuth provides consistent updates on the hack through their platform, keeping users informed about the latest developments.

XEX Crypto launches revolutionary Xexadons NFTs

XEX Crypto made waves on April 14th with the release of its groundbreaking NFT collection, Xexadons. The collection features 50 Ordinals, all meticulously crafted using cutting-edge AI technology. Designed to be a one-of-a-kind addition to the NFT ecosystem, Xexadons represents a significant step forward in XEX Crypto’s vision of a gamified, cross-chain, web3 experience. These exciting new developments will surely capture crypto enthusiasts and gamers’ attention.

XEX Crypto has implemented a unique, gamified staking mechanism that enables users to stake their Xexadons on different chains. This cross-chain staking system is designed to deliver an immersive NFT experience with gamification elements that enhance engagement. By empowering users to choose which chain to stake their Xexadons on, XEX Crypto is creating a dynamic, interactive platform that promises to revolutionize how we approach staking and NFTs.

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