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In this era of 24 hrs. of online Forex trading, it’s easy to lose a sense of time and balance in the markets you trade. Many brokers will offer traders up-to-the minute trends for active trades which can lead people away from their strategy too often if they are not careful enough with how they use these tools on the web browser or mobile application that is being used to see market information. If you want to know more about trading and trading platform then keep on this WinGroup review.

It’s important as a trader to never forget your goals when making every decision about what should be done next during each day because without knowing where one wants go eventually, any path taken towards getting there won’t really work out well anyway!

New traders should not feel discouraged if they make mistakes, as novices are bound to do. The key is learning from those errors and moving forward with your education. This review will help newbies avoid the same pitfalls that other beginners have made before them by pointing out some of easy-to-fix (and sometimes costly) mistakes that all beginning traders seem to fall into time and again.

The WinGroup trading platform is the best one I have used to date. It taught me a lot about what not to do as well as how things should be done in order for my account balance and trades succeed more often than fail. So, I wanted to write whatever I have learned about this platform in my WinGroup review.

AI Trading

I would like start by mentioning that this was the first time ever using an automated forex broker, so it’s safe to say there were some initial obstacles present from the get-go. As soon as you sign up with them they provide all of these precautions listed below which are really great because most people don’t know much about Forex before going into it or end up losing money without knowing why due largely in part because during your venture on their website any small mistakes can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!

However, I got lucky and had one of the talented support managers to help me through some things, they seem very knowledgeable so if you pop in to their website or email them, these guys can get anything done. One of my first instances was to explore the platform first before getting started. I spent some time with it and noticed that the platform was a bit clunky, but despite that I knew how to trade I just had no experience on many of the charting tools they provided.

So, let’s start off with the assets in this WinGroup review:


The platform is providing 200+ trade-able assets on their charts which is a very wide variety compared to other foreign exchange platforms. In order for you the trader to be as successful as possible, you need an array of assets at your disposal in order to leverage yourself into different market opportunities based on various analytics and trading strategies that you may utilize. The more opportunities provided, the better chance there is for you to be successful.

There are also quite a few CFD’s (contract for differences) which allow you to trade currencies, stocks, commodities and indices without owning the actual asset which is very nice because sometimes buying or selling large amounts can be difficult due to price fluctuations and amount required. In this WinGroup review, you will notice that the platform is packed with options and features that will provide you with the competitive trading edge required to succeed.

Trading Chart and Tools

Forex Ticker symbols are easy to use. Just input the symbol and they pop up on your chart, no real brainer there. Like most brokers out there they have additional options for their clients to choose from. For example you can place a stop loss or take profit at any point in time by typing it into the chart and it will create it for you. This allows for the user to initiate stop loss positions faster than having to bring up a separate window via the browser or application.

I also made a few trades using their very basic trading platform which was very simple and easy to navigate, by clicking “Trade” on the top left hand corner of the platform you will then be brought to a screen which has your open trades, an option for one touch trades and some additional tools. As a trader, I can say that when I am trading it from my home using my computer, I need to have access to multiple charts and indicators in order for me to determine the best trades possible.

If we go back in time before WinGroup, I would either use Trading view [go check them out if you haven’t already!] or possibly some of the signals provided on Forex Factory. But I could never have both and if I wanted to see multiple charts at once I would need a second screen which was cumbersome in my opinion. But you can get all of it with this platform and I can’t rave about it enough in this WinGroup review.

I needed something flexible, reliable and with decent support, so when WinGroup rolled into town with their fresh new trading platform I was blown away. They had everything a trader could imagine all in one place and it’s totally customizable! So, that means if you wanted to open up 10 different charts at once without having to tab through them, this is the platform for you. Just right click on any chart and multiple windows will pop up allowing you to have as many charts up as you’d like.

This is a major time saver and gives the trader the edge they need to be successful in this business, especially when you’re trading off of multiple monitors! So, in my WinGroup review, I want to appreciate this platform for taking the extra step into making sure traders can see all their charts as soon as possible and without having to waste time on the additional resources of opening them up for yourself.

Customer Service

My top priority has always been customer service. I try to provide the best possible service. In order to help our clients achieve their goals, we offer 24/5 support with email and live chat options. Also, you will get personalized answers about bonuses and payouts from us within a few hours.

I was once facing a little issue so I contacted one of their representatives through Live Chat option. The agent was very friendly and knowledgeable. He patiently listened to my problem and then offered me a solution for the same. I am extremely pleased with their support service.

In this WinGroup review, you will understand why it is important to have good customer service in order to keep their customers loyal to them. Their email service is also quite fast than I expected. I think it’s the fastest service I have ever experienced. I got a reply to my email within a few hours. I am really impressed with their customer service. They are very quick and always available when you need them. For me, that’s a big bonus to work with them.

Also, the account managers that have been assigned to their clients are very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I was quite satisfied with them. Upon discussing my portfolio with my account manager he suggested me some strategies that will generate more profits for me. At first I couldn’t understand it but I trusted my manager and went with the strategy. And now, I am getting more profits.

Educational Material

Firstly, I want to quote here in my WinGroup review that the Educational material is free to everyone on this platform.

The eBooks section is great. It has 12 eBooks that renders to the needs of both beginners and advanced traders. It helps to improve the knowledge for both types of traders in their own way. The Glossary is brilliant too. It has a wealth of information on forex trading like basic concepts, technical analysis, currency pairs and how they are traded, forex market strategies, tips that would help one succeed in this business, etc.

The Asset Index is a list of all the trade-able assets in Forex trading with their prices and trend line. This section has an FAQ section that enables any trader to consult WinGroup for some answers as well as ask them your questions directly, should you need clarification on how something works.

However, after using section for a while I felt boring because there wasn’t anything left new for to grasp on to. I was already familiar with most of the information in it. So, I would prefer if the platform considers regularly updating their educational section. One more suggestion would be to add some video tutorials.


In short, this WinGroup review tell you that the platform is very friendly and effective for beginners as well as advanced traders. The only thing I would change about this trading platform is the design. One thing I didn’t talk about was the payment methods. They do have some very popular payment methods so that is not going to be an issue for anyone.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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