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Blockchain technology has seen lots of ups and downs in the past but with all these sufferings and blowbacks the technology continued to grow and is rapidly being adopted among various financial enterprises around the globe. The need to have a decentralized financial solution to combat the mishaps and shortcomings of the conventional financial system is growing rapidly, every passing day.

Chances are that if you are a financial company and have worked with blockchain technology and decentralization in the past then you are definitely giving it a thought to adopt this specific transition right now before it is too late. What you need to understand here is that with such a diverse consumer base already present and growing beyond limit there are multiple crypto solutions out there, multiple blockchain systems covering the special needs of particular enterprises and offering them diverse services rather than just being a financial medium to transfer money from fiat into digital or the other way around.

Today we will be talking about Polkastarter which is a decentralized platform used for fundraising purposes. Every cryptocurrency whether new or old being a decentralized project has to get funding at launch and even after they are done with it and are now simply expanding their operations. It goes without saying that fundraising is the most critical aspect of any cryptocurrency or decentralized element out there because without proper funds there can’t be a new cryptocurrency because monetary needs to orchestrate all the operations pertaining to that specific cryptocurrency are still intact and are not going anywhere.

So, what Polkastarter does here is that it allows multiple blockchain companies and enterprises out there to get proper fundraising for their launch and for the continuation of the projects they are presently working on. You can develop multi-chain token pools while working with the Polkastarter and raising funds while at the same time growing your community at an appropriate rate. POLS is the native utility token for Polkastarter and it can also work as a governance token, what it means is that if you want to take part in the governance-related aspects of Polkastarter, cast a vote or really be at the center of all the decision making for the crypto platform then you have to stake your own POLS tokens to be able to do so.

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A Brief Introduction to Polkastarter

Initial DEX offering along with an ICO or IPO are some of the most famous funding methods used in the crypto space for the sake of launching a project and gathering the required funds to do so. Initial DEX offering is gaining more popularity in the coming crypto space because it is not only more efficient but also serves the enterprise who is going to launch the crypto right and among various such platforms, Polkastarter is gathering a huge crowd around itself because it is extremely efficient, scalable but apart from every other aspect it is interoperable which is the winning feature here in the blockchain world.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new blockchain project or have already been in the works, you can gain an immense advantage by choosing Polkastarter as your fundraising partner. You will be able to increase your reach to many other communities and audiences around the globe, increase your exposure to other disciplines of the crypto world while at the same time being able to meet and greet with potential crypto partners and advisors who will be every step of the way with you assisting your project no matter what fragile requirements does it demand.

Polkastarter is a launchpad that works around the prospect of IDO-oriented blockchain projects and multi-chain token pools. The process of signing up is extremely simple, all you have to do is to follow the instructions that you will be presented with upon your request to join the network. As a crypto startup, you will be able to raise capital for whatever endeavors you have to fulfill in the future regarding your project, it doesn’t matter if you are a startup or you were already doing some work within the crypto market and now are looking towards more expansion.

All the fundraising is done inside a fixed swap pool and the tokens that are generated because of it are distributed right then and there to the early investors and on goes the whole system, here the newest investor is facilitated only after the previous ones have been compensated for their participation.

Polkastarter began working in late 2020 and has gathered a rather exponential crowd around itself because in the first quarter of 2022 it has helped more than 100 projects and raised millions of dollars via both public and private sales. The IDO projects are not the only thing that this decentralized enterprise supports because it also supports launchpads regarding GameFi, NFT-oriented sales, and any and all sales that are taking place within the metaverse corresponding to digital land.

Top-Notch Features of Polkastarter

If you are being tempted to work with Polkastarter or to use this platform to raise capital for your own cryptocurrency then there are a few key features that you must take into account before finalizing anything. Polkastarter is a multi-chain decentralized platform that can be used for fundraising and it offers extremely low transaction fees to both new and existing users.

This platform is not blockchain biased which means that you won’t be forced to pick a potential blockchain system for the sake of launching your project or acquiring some capital to do so, you are completely in charge of choosing whatever blockchain that serves you right and then launching your project over there.

When it comes to IDO sales, the project gladly accepts any and all crypto tokens that are verified by potential crypto exchanges and are in circulation at the moment. You won’t have to worry about the added fees or any surplus charges while converting your money from fiat to digital or from one cryptocurrency to another, you can use any form of digital money that you are at home with.

Polkastarter’s Swap Pools

These are one of the most fundamental features proposed by Polkastarter. These are not like the automated market maker model or any other such scheme adopted by decentralized exchanges at all, working of Polkastarter liquidity pools is confined to the fact that these are going to execute all the swap orders at a particular and fixed price. This means that you don’t have to give in to the market fluctuations and the ever-changing price aliments because you would be charged the same price that you are asked at the beginning of the transaction with no hidden charges or anything out of the ordinary whatsoever.

This leads to the dynamic adjustment of all the token prices based purely on the oldest concept in the product market which is supply and demand, but at times you might have to encounter a volatile increase or decrease in the prices but Polkastarter has another card up its sleeve to tackle this issue.

To solve this problem Polkastarter allows all the pertaining projects within the program to list the new tokens that they will be minting and making available in the market at predetermined prices, which means that they will be listing these new tokens at the price factor which was already discussed and agreed mutually by multiple members of the community. This fixed-price factor will remain in effect as long as there are tokens present within the original supply and these are waiting to be either traded with or bought by some other user.

If you are a calibrated decentralized project who’s looking for more control towards their fundraising then you can set up pools that have additional parameters reflecting the best of your business environment. You can select the overall amount of investment a user can make or the total number of investors who will be allowed or given access to the pool in question. To make this thing more efficient the whole process is delegated by smart contracts which are completely unbiased and explicitly transparent to ensure that no parties were favored and everything took place in a concise manner.

IDO Farming

As soon as the initial distribution has taken place many of the ideal participants usually withdraw their tokens so they can sell these on the market which leads to extreme volatility in the prices of not only these tokens in question but various other cryptocurrencies and decentralized objects out there. The V3 upgrade orchestrated by Polkastarter is going to introduce IDO farming to tackle this issue on a better note. With the help of this feature, the participants would be given an incentive to stake their tokens rather than sell them off so they can become eligible to earn additional rewards and many other exclusive features proposed by the Polkastarter community.

It eases the selling pressure and it works just like any other staking farm out there, incentivizing people not to sell their freshly acquired tokens but to stake them in a controlled manner. If they are willing to stake their tokens long enough then the rewards factor is also going to increase, with every user who is in haste and is withdrawing their tokens the overall value of the pool will continue to increase and it will definitely provide other people who are still staking their tokens into the pool with a much higher yield.

Polkastarter’s KYC Protocol

KYC or know your customer simply translates into the efforts that are made both by the crypto entity in question and the regulatory bodies to make sure that the access is only granted to the credible users. That is why an incredible screening process is in effect by Polkastarter to make sure that the only verified users are able to participate in the comping IDOs. Every project can dictate its own rules and set of elements that need to be completed by the user for the sake of gaining access to the said project. These settings are going to be different for every project out there, this allows you to have a more dynamic sense of control over your project details.

You can set certain tiers when it comes to the investment volume you are interested in and the users that match those criteria, this way only those will be provided with access to enter that specific IDO pool, and the rest of the users would simply be denied any kind of access whatsoever. In the afterglow of things, you would come to understand that it is a neat little thing that provides you with much more control over the financing of your projects rather than not having this setting in place at all. You could also geo-restrict the users allowing you to have much more flexibility over the whole process at hand.

Polkastarter Gaming Guild

The Polkastarter gaming was launched back in the day to support a rather promising model that is fairly in circulation these days among the fans of decentralization and that is the play to earn games. It has a simple aim at hand and that is to connect these projects who are willing to pay gamers a handsome amount in crypto tokens for the time they have spent participating in an event or playing their game for an extended period of time with gamers around the globe.

Even scholarships are awarded to the gamers who are willing to learn the art or trade of decentralized gaming also coaching will be provided to these users so they can get themselves acquainted with the ups and downs of the crypto gaming and the metaverse in general. There are going to be multiple new launches when it comes to the NFT space and the gaming IDOs made available to these gaming enthusiasts out there who value the trade.

POLS Token

POLS serves as an ERC-20 token that is not only in charge of the governance-related aspects of the network but can also be used as a utility token. This means that you can pay your outstanding fees or balances with the help of the POLS token as it is accepted as a utility token. Plus, on the bright side of things, you can stake this token of yours to get your hands on amazing rewards that will be provided to the users who have staked their tokens.

This includes but is not limited to providing token holders access to new games as soon as these are made available, incredible yield over the total number of tokens that have been staked, and last but not least access to the exclusive events that will be taking place within the community in the coming days. The entire working of the POLS token takes place on the Ether blockchain and it is presently hosting all affairs of the Polkastarter network there are talks that the whole network might soon get shifted to the BNB blockchain in the coming years but that announcement has not been made official just yet.

Other than being used as a utility token that you can simply stake for the sake of getting amazing rewards in return and so on so you can extract other use cases from POLS. You can use it as a governance token which means that when staked it gives you the right to cast your vote in multiple decision-making processes that are presently active within the community.

You would get a distinctive say within the matter based on the overall volume of tokens that you have initially staked. You can also propose new features to the whole community that will either take effect or will be discarded based on the official motion that will be carried out and the overall votes that it does receive. Other than that you will also have the ability to propose the listing of new tokens or restrict some already present in the list. These are some of the things that you will be able to do with the help of the POLS token working as a governance medium for you.


It goes without saying that Polkastarter is an incredible platform with that you can interact within the preliminary stages of your crypto launch. It can be either a cryptocurrency or a decentralization project that works on the principle of the blockchain technology, you can not only launch it over the Polkastarter infrastructure for the sake of securing enough funds so that the whole thing could go live but also control how investors and especially what kind of investors should be interacting with the project in question.

The whole thing is extremely interoperable too which means that you won’t have any problem adjusting to a myriad of elements that the platform has in store. You can use whatever digital currency you have at hand for the sake of interacting with the IDO of a project and so on so. In short, Polkastarter is an incredible platform and one of its kind when it comes to crypto fundraising and associated applications.

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