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Introduction to Phishing

Phishing is a type of cyber-attack where scammers make people give their personal information which is sensitive to leaks. This information can be passwords, usernames, card details etc. Mainly these scams are through social media, email and messaging platforms.

How Does It Work?

Mostly the attacker will contact you through some kind of web link or a message where you can see a legit source coming whereas it’s not like that it opens up to something else and will trick you to invade your personal information.

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Once the victim enters their information to the website the scammer captures it and uses it as identity fraud or financial fraud.

Types of Phishing

Email Phishing

it is the common type where the scammer makes fake links and messages that look real and approachable. They are mostly sent on social media and in the form of bank messages. The link or email you get will open a fake page or a scam link where the scammer can get your information.

Spear Phishing

This is a targeted form of phishing where the attacker researches the victim and sends a message that appears to be from someone the victim knows or trusts, such as a colleague or a friend.


This is a form of spear phishing that targets high-level executives or other high-value targets in an organization. The attacker may pose as a CEO or other senior executive and request sensitive information, such as financial data or login credentials.

How to Avoid Phishing Links and Messages

Mostly phishing messages and links are very convincing and look legit. Most of the time it’s difficult to identify it. They would target you at a point where you will be seeking the particular source.

They make their messages and fake websites look more convincing, attackers often use techniques such as social engineering, which involves manipulating people’s emotions and behavior to gain their trust and persuade them to take certain actions.

For example, an attacker may use urgent or threatening language in their message, or they may create a sense of urgency by telling the victim that their account has been compromised and they need to act quickly to fix the problem.

Protection Against Phishing Attacks

If you suspect you have been phished, you make sure that you take immediate actions to minimize the risks and leaking. Following are the ways through which you can minimize the risk.

Change Your Passwords

If you entered your login credentials on a fake website, change your passwords immediately on all accounts that share that password. Choose strong and unique passwords and consider using a password manager to keep them secure.

Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution

If you entered any financial information on a fake website, such as credit card details or bank account numbers, contact your bank or financial institution immediately and let them know what happened. This may help to check the account and stop further activity.

Report the Phishing Attack

If you received a phishing email or message, file yourself a report or complain to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The most important thing is to educate yourself and learn how to recognize phishing attacks and how to protect yourself from them in the future. Be skeptical of unsolicited messages or emails, especially if they ask for personal or sensitive information. Cross check the email address or link before clicking or replying. It may look good to you but can lead to many scams.


To conclude, be aware and use some brains while entering your personal information or have such backups if you get caught in cyber-attacks. Being aware of your actions can help you to stay out of these attacks and be secure all over. Just be cautious while clicking the links and downloading irrelevant files in future to protect your personal information.

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