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It is a common practice among people and like-minded individuals that whenever a new concept or technology is introduced and labeled as something that is just out of this world, capable of performing tasks that no other technology at the moment can, the concept is ridiculed and belittled for no apparent reason. That is exactly what’s happened with the prospect of blockchain technology and decentralization; the whole thing came into being as a prospective update to the conventional mode of finance while improving the scalability of the infrastructure involved, making the operations of finance interoperable while at the same time solving multiple shortcomings present in the fiat world of finance.

Crypto analysts have now said that decentralization and blockchain technology together are the answer to the major financial problems that we face today in this centralized world, but back in the day, many people, enterprises, and even some of the financial entities out there took blockchain technology for granted. It was termed as something that is inappropriate, nonsignificant, and an answer to no question whatsoever because no one was asking for an update on the conventional financial models.

2009 was the year when Bitcoin was launched as the flagship cryptocurrency, and the response that it got from the financial world was mixed; some people cherished the concept of the centralized economy becoming viable, whereas others were ridiculed because it proposed a direct challenge to the centralized financial elements. Ten years later, today, blockchain technology, along with decentralization, is not only changing the financial world for good but is providing people with so many opportunities that they didn’t have before.

What are Illuvials?

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Non-fungible tokens, decentralized apps, and the idea of using a blockchain system for digital gaming are some of the areas where blockchain technology is shining like the bright summer sun, and it seems that there is no stopping it. The updates that are being rolled out in real-time are dynamic and make people want to explore more of this eccentric technology. Today we will be talking about a blockchain system which is a role-playing game; it takes place in an open world environment where people are tossed with collecting certain elements from within the game known as the Illuvials.

These elements propose a different class and affinity, and based on their classification final price is settled for that particular entity; this blockchain system is known as Illuvium, and it is the latest manipulation of the blockchain environment where the technology is used to explore unlimited terrain for the decentralized game with multiple elements associated with it which players can collect and eventually turn in for a huge profit. This is not in any sense related to finance or economic perspectives, but this is a completely different concept powered by blockchain technology which confirms the vast use case of decentralization in today’s world.

To know more about the game itself, there are five different classes with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Illuvials are the elements that you are bound to collect and abide by, and as you continue to win more battles against other players and complete multiple quests throughout the stretch of the game, your elements become much more powerful. Illuvium has two different ERC-20 altcoins that reside on the Ether’s blockchain, termed ILV and the sILV.

The ILV can be used by the user to take part in the liquidity mine, participate in the governance-related aspects of this whole scenario, and also earn rewards should the user feel the need to stake it for a particular amount of time. Whereas the sILV token can be immediately used for in-game purchases as this is the very potential use case for this token.

Each and every Illuvial that you secure within the game will get converted into an NFT that you can secure onto your wallet and later on the list right here on the platform so it can be sold right then and there. But on the other hand, if you don’t want to list it on the Illuvium platform, then you can take it out and list it over some other marketplace such as the Ether’s NFT space or somewhere else that you see fit. You can also stake the native tokens of the platform for the sake of earning more handsome rewards and doubling down on your investment.

Significance of Illuvium Blockchain

There has been extensive talk when it comes to the prospect of blockchain gaming, there are people who have tried this thing before with no sophisticated results coming forward, and therefore the ball was dropped. This was the time when non-fungible tokens were recently dropped from people’s attention as well for not coming to terms with the expectations of the investors, and the whole industry in terms of digital products and services was suffering.

But then some people took it to themselves to rewind the non-fungible token industry and to have it move into a unique and profitable direction. It was proposed that any digital art or element could be sold in the form of a non-fungible token over a blockchain media where the artist gets to decide on the price for each token that they will be giving away and also how many divisions would be done for a specific painting or other digital product. The final result was absolutely astounding; the non-fungible token industry was not only back on its feet but thriving, this was the time when developers barged in and started building games as decentralized apps over the blockchain technology, and the rest is history.

One can’t say that blockchain gaming has been an utter success because there haven’t been any major titles launched within this space, but there is still a chance that we shall get a blockbuster release anytime soon. Illuvium has put the game back on the map by proposing a high tier and high-end graphic blockchain gaming experience which ties correctly with metaverse and features a play-to-earn model. Metaverse is going to provide the whole scheme with a kind of exploratory touch that an open world decentralized game requires, and the play-to-earn model will definitely lure in more players and people who are interested in the prospect of blockchain gaming and earning handsome rewards for getting to do so.

This thing is still far away from launch, which is why no apparent gameplay video or any kind of such instruction has been passed from the developers, but it is being said that both the gameplay and every aspect of this game is going to be a true masterpiece which will eventually provide the decentralized industry with its first blockbuster major release in the form of a blockchain game. The whole infrastructure is being built over the Ether blockchain, and it will be released somewhere in 2022 but not later than that because there is already an itinerary, and multiple delays have been made in the past, so if another delay jumps up, then it definitely won’t look promising and would raise multiple questions towards significance and authenticity of the game and the developers behind it.

Working Mechanism of Illuvium

Now that you have been hyped this much, it is only fair that you get to have a peek inside what the game will actually be and how the whole thing will come together? As discussed earlier Illuvium is going to be an open-world role-playing adventure in which players would get to travel and explore the completely fantasized world, fighting enemies, slaying them, and completing multiple quests as these arise. On top of all of that, they would also be required to perform certain actions within the game from time to time which would secure their performance within the game and the overall level of XP or skillset each player was able to forge. Illuvials are the creatures that the players would be tasked with slaying or catching, which can then be converted into non-fungible tokens and sold either over the same platform or somewhere else if you know one and assume that you would get a good rate out there.

You can also interact with other players within the game; you can either unleash your monsters onto theirs for the sake of entertainment or challenge them to duels, or if you want, you can accompany them on certain missions and complete various challenges throughout the story of the game and getting rewards together. ILV and the sILV Are the native tokens of the Illuvium blockchain, which represent multiple creatures, apparel-oriented upgrades, and other functional elements of your character within the game. As you continue to play the game and complete multiple missions and quests, you would be awarded multiple ILV tokens that you can either withdraw, keep right there inside your wallet or stake them for the stake of earning consistent rewards within the platform itself.

Everything You Need to Know Before Joining Illuvium

As told earlier, Illuvium is still in development, and the developers are yet to test a finished copy asserting themselves that the product itself is ready to ship out; the earliest that Illuvium can make it all the way to the market is at the later dates of 2022. but the good thing is that people are showing interest in this project, and not only that, they want to know everything there is to know about Illuvium how does it work, how they can connect with it, and most importantly, how will the reward system work based on the fact that the game itself is ‘play to earn’.

According to a press release from a dedicated developer of the game, once all the testing is done and the product is ready to ship out to the desktop client, a software that links a random user to the mainframe of the game will be made available to download for all the potential users out there. It will be available as a desktop application that can be downloaded from a dedicated source; once you have done that, downloaded the application onto your system, all you need to do is open it up and follow the onscreen instructions to create an account.

You might be wondering if you can play as a guest, as many centralized gaming programs allow people to sign in as a guest, not having to go through the hassle of creating an account and enjoy a limited version of the game for the time being. But when it comes to Illuvium, this is simply not the case; you would have to make an account, and you can’t sign in as a guest. Once you have made an account and activated it, there will be two different subscription tiers made available to you; one of them is a free-to-play mode, and the other one provides you with multiple premium subscription offers.

You can choose either one based on your interest, but if you truly want to understand how the game works, then it is urged to join into the free to play mode, explore the environment a bit, and get to know the schematics of the game and after that, you can choose from one of the premium subscriptions if you want.

The game itself revolves around Illuvials; these are the elements that you would be able to collect and customize within the game. Once you have collected such an element and customized it up to a certain degree, you can transform the whole thing into a non-fungible token which could either be made available onto the very platform you are using, capture these elements for the sake of selling it, or you can take it through some other platform that you know and trust. Each Illuvial within the game comes forward with its own affinity and class, which represent the very use case of the Illuvial in question, how it works, and more. Some of the strongest Illuvials can join forces by combining multiple affinities and classes out there.

You can use these Illuvials that have the same affinities and classes in battles to earn high-tier rewards. This will allow you to develop multiple synergies within the game and also offer a tactical choice to the user. Suppose you don’t want to use a particular character at the moment because it is simply not fitting to the challenge presented, then you can choose some other element or character from your list and clear the hurdle that is stopping you from moving forward within the game. Another extremely eccentric aspect of the game is that you can merge your Illuvials to develop new ones having different classes and affinities than those that you just merged together.

This will allow you to have an enhanced power level which will certainly be more fitting to whatever challenge that you’re facing at the moment. For the sake of earning rewards and turning a profit selling NFTs within the platform, you will be required to catch the Illuvials, and you just can’t catch them by running around or chasing them down a deep and dark alley. This game is much more sophisticated than that. You would need to contain the character that you are chasing into a Shard, the more powerful the character is, the more powerful shard you would require for the sake of successfully catching it and making sure that it remains confined to that space until you have decided what to do with it.

Multiple mechanics and systems have been endorsed within the game to make it look as real and authentic as it could be, so it is only plausible that while chasing down an Illuvial, it might get injured, or the health bar might begin to deteriorate. Now, if this is the case with you, then you need to subject the character to the shard, and if it is injured or losing its health, then the shard will begin the repair process, and over time it will heal itself to 100%.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry and want to speed up the process, then you can do so by either paying extra for it to speed up the health regeneration or to use some items that you have stumbled across while exploring the vast environment of the game.

The quest, challenges, and other attributes of the game continue to change through time, and these will often be hard, sometimes easy, and sometimes unprecedented and unpredictable to their very core. When you sign up to play the game, you must know that the rewards are based on how well you perform within the game, completing quests and challenges as you go by so instead of burning your time and focusing on devising proper plans to catch these characters that you can, later on, sell in the form of non-fungible tokens you must cater your attention towards the performance of your own character.

If you can level its power, skill set, and other various attributes present within the game then you will not only be able to rise to the top, combat even some of the most complicated and stern players out there but you would also get much quicker and effective in catching these Illuvials spanning through multiple shades of rarity.

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