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Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have shifted the focus of technological innovation in a way that has never been seen before in the realm of electronic information. The notion of a non-fungible token offers an exclusive launch into the near future via the perfect amalgamation of computer assets and fully decentralized interactions. In February of 2021, the graphics programmer Beeple put a piece of computer sculpture up for auction with a price tag of about 69 million dollars.

Ever since, we have seen electronic apes getting sold for almost $300,000 and electronic cats being sold for over $20,000 each. I am sure you must be amazed by these high prices and wondering if it’s actually real, which it surely is. So many things are sold online for a price higher than any of us could possibly imagine, including artworks, paintings, real-estate properties, or even just random souvenirs.

Moonbirds NFTs collection features garnered enormous spans of attention within the NFT industry within some days of its introduction. They’ve been super popular since the day they got officially launched, and so many people are being pulled towards it for all good reasons. Oh, you haven’t come across the term Moonbird yet? That’s absolutely fine.

This article will talk about everything about them and how they fit within the context of the contemporary NFT landscape, and how exactly are they shattering records and taking over the NFT Twitter? The following guide will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the amazing Moonbirds NFT collection and will tell you everything you need to know.

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It may be challenging for an entirely new initiative to distinguish in the ever-increasingly competitive and saturated marketplace such as NFTs, which is full of competitive compilations. Moonbirds, on either hand, shot up the charts almost immediately after it was released, in particular, because of its captivating design, the well-known supporters it was able to gather, and the creative compensation mechanism it incorporates into its system.

This Ethereum-based enterprise may be likened to the CryptoPunks as well as Bored Ape Yacht Club in certain respects, but the very first PFP launching by the PROOF Collective, under the ownership of Kevin Rose, is clearly occupying significant territory in the NFT realm in the form of Moonbirds.

A glance at what Moonbirds is, just how distinctive the “nesting” concept functions, and where the game has had such a successful debut is presented herein.

Introduction to Moonbirds NFTs

Moonbirds collection is a series that was released on April 16, 2022, and consists of 10,000 NFTs at the moment. It was developed by Kevin Rose, a well-known online businessman in the United States, as a component of his newly launched Proof Community, which is a cooperative market for NFT consumers and creators that is exclusive to its subscribers only.

Soon after the launch of Moonbirds, Kevin became a significant figure in Web3 and NFTs and succeeded in establishing himself as an online sensation via his work as an entrepreneur, broadcaster, and inventor of the news aggregator, Moonbirds collection being his latest success story.

Even though there are a cumulative of 10,000 NFTs included in the compilation, the whole supply has been distributed among three significant portions. To begin, 2,000 NFTs have been set aside for minting only by participants of Proof Collective before they were made available to the general public. The Proof Collective environment is made up of around a thousand participants.

Every time any of the subscribers purchases a currency, they are awarded an NFT in return for their contribution to their community. It’s a nice deal if you have more than single Proof Collective Membership coupon registered in your name as it’s an excellent opportunity for you to save money as you’ll get so many NFTs as your reward.

However, a stockpile of 7,875 NFTs was brought to the attention community with the assistance of a whitelist. Nevertheless, its prospective collectors needed to have 2.5 ETH in their authorized wallet as this amount corresponds to the cost of one Moonbirds NFT. The remaining 125 Moonbirds NFTs weren’t really distributed in any way- neither to the public nor to the private Proof Collective owners; rather, the administrators of Proof Collective kept them to be used in strengthening cooperation, advertising, and other endeavors.

Kevin Rose is credited as the creator of Moonbirds; however, it is likely that a large number of other programmers and employees participated in Moonbirds in order to make it a super-hit innovation.  One of these members is Justin Mezzell, who is not only the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the Proof portal but also the artist responsible for the unique pixel-art aesthetic used by the Moonbirds.

In light of the fact that multitudes of NFTs are included inside the collection, each with a unique array of characteristics, Justin and the remainder of the working crew became tasked with developing hundreds of one-of-a-kind randomized visual pieces in order to produce a series of creative NFTs. Perhaps, there is a whole group of intellectuals working behind closed doors, all of which are contributing significantly to the essential evolvement of Moonbirds.

Why are Moonbirds NFTs so Popular?

Only a few contributions, such as Azuki and Doodles, have been seen to create major consequences across the NFT environment over the course of the previous several months. Moonbirds collection, on the contrary, has been responsible for making practically all previous PFP assortment seem like a complete failure, all thanks to its remarkable ascent to notoriety.

Only some days after its initial debut, Moonbirds had indeed reached aftermarket sales revenue of more than 100,000 ETH which is equivalent to around $300 million and counting. On its way to shattering the NFT daily turnover milestones, Moonbirds has also caused significant domination that PFP NFTs and major NFT followers surely deserve. However, it should be noted that Moonbirds’ growth is mostly driven by Proof Collective’s popularity and that Moonbirds is really just a compilation of pixel-art owls even at the most fundamental level.

Glancing at the journey of Proof Collection, on December 11, 2021, Proof Collective Passes were issued as NFTs, and each of the 1,000 NFTs originally sold was equivalent to one ether. Collective Passes were originally sold with the promise that purchasers would get free entry to Proof talk show programs, in-person gatherings, as well as other initiatives, together with membership to a secret Discord server.

These credentials were advertised as a “membership pass” to everything that Proof holds as well as unbound access to Moonbirds. The wholesale price of Collective Passes was subject to insignificant changes during the remainder of 2021, after which it started a gradual ascent into double numbers, eventually reaching a fixed amount of 30 ETH, which is currently equal to $85,000 in February. In the following months, it escalated to about 120 ETH and has been expanding since then, particularly after the release of Moonbirds in the official NFT market.

If there is anything that has been made abundantly clear inside the NFT sector considering the last year, it is the fact that success breeds greater success. Keeping the empirical information in mind, when one production, such as Bored Apes, raises in popularity and gets notorious, it is probable that the worth of their future assignments and compilations will be valued proportionally.

At first glance, it would seem that the Moonbirds NFT accumulation is not all that distinct from other NFT series that came before it. However, there must be some reason for why they have become the norm or the standard in the first place. Permit me to visit the primary motivation for the development of the Moonbirds NFT collection as well as the benefits that they can provide to land owners.

To begin, it is necessary for you to be aware that the Moonbirds NFT collection works toward the purpose of providing one more blue-chip-based PFP NFT project. This utility-assured PFP NFT includes a very wide and varied selection of unique features, each of which is different from the others. Members of the Moonbirds are currently having access to a broad array of skills, including the option to display their NFTs in the form of backdrop videos on a number of different social media websites of their liking.

The utilization of Moonbirds does not just make it possible for customers to sign up for membership in a private venue that brings exclusive benefits, but it also assures that customers who maintain their properties for longer durations are eligible for a number of additional advantages too.

Moonbirds NFT investors who purchase personal memberships are granted access to personal Moonbirds chats where they learn new things every day. The conversations that take place in such a private room provide entrepreneurs with the chance to get receive the latest dumps, announcements, updates, prices, and other events. Moonbirds’ NFT followers are so more incorporated into the area as a result of this.

What is Nesting in Moonbirds NFT Collection?

The debate on the value-added advantages of the Moonbirds NFT collection veers off into an interesting turnout when the topic of nesting is brought up. What does it mean to nest? Consider an actual nest and the way it holds and protects a bird. In the same way, nesting Moonbirds works.

When you nest, you are engaging in a procedure known as “soft staking,” in which you hold your Moonbird without moving it out of your account. Nesting Moonbirds went online on their website once, and there are already more than 8,000 Moonbirds nestings there. Moonbirds proprietors will get rewards proportional to the length of time they keep the NFT in nests without listing it for sale or selling it.

The householders are able to better assess their performance with the assistance of the special PFP architecture that nesting Moonbirds include. The process of nesting mostly entails concealing the Moonbirds’ NFT inside one’s virtual wallet for a period of time in order to keep them safe. After it has successfully been nested, the Moonbird may be able to assist you in acquiring a wide variety of further benefits.

You will be able to gain more prizes when you let the nesting period accrue for a longer period of time. As an example, nesting Moonbirds have the opportunity to advance to higher tiers concurrently with nest upgrades. The result of this is that the enhanced nests may have easier access to broader prizes and better drops. Another significant benefit of nesting Moonbirds is that they provide improved protection against phishing tricks. Hence, it also acts as a barrier to your precious Moonbirds, securing them from all hacking or vicious attempts.

The Moonbirds NFT collection cannot have the ability to nest for now. However, there are plans to add support for this functionality in the near future. In addition to that, the architects want to provide various tier categories and incentives in conjunction with an in-depth structure for the nested course in the near future, and so that is in progress too.

What is Special About Moonbirds Collection?

Regardless of the ongoing debates about Moonbirds and their working fundamentals, Moonbirds’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were purchased in a hurry, and assessments of their transaction volume were remarkable since the very first day of its official market release. During the first six days after its inception, trade volume for Moonbirds had already surpassed 100,000 ETHS, making them undeniably one of the most popular trends in the NFT industry.

At this moment in time, the transaction volume of Moonbirds much exceeds that of every other NFT collection by enormous proportions. Indeed, the whole reason why Moonbird possesses so much value is because of the unwavering advantages it has to offer. You have the benefit of visual art with Moonbirds, which has distinctive qualities and includes some uncommon works. It should come as no surprise that the scarcity of something like the NFTs is indeed a driving force behind the meteoric rise in both Moonbird demand and its prices.

In addition to this, users may take advantage of a great number of other perks too. These NFTs provide a variety of exciting design options in addition to the support of experienced staff from the PROOF Collective crew, so in a situation of an inquiry, the expert staff is always there to respond and help you out.

In conjunction with this, the excitement that surrounded the initiative beforehand of its introduction was another important factor that contributed to the value of Moonbirds moving in the desired direction. In addition to improvements, the Moonbirds NFT assortment also provides you with the opportunity of the following:

  • Moonbirds NFT proprietors have entire control over the copyrighted material that is linked with the NFT.
  • The hosting of IPFS also guarantees the highest levels of both productivity and safety.
  • The carbon compensation that is included in the Moonbirds NFT assortment is another significant benefit, and it is what gives the company its reputation for being ecologically friendly.
  • The homepage for Moonbirds states that the NFTs have the potential to pave the way toward the forthcoming metaverse that is being developed by Proof Collective.


The Moonbirds venture is among the most rocket launches that we have ever had in the NFT business. In only two days, the proposal witnessed $280 million in total transaction volume, making it one of the greatest launches we have ever witnessed. That was only the commencement, and as the months went on, it continued to rise to ever dizzying achievements.

Indeed, Moonbirds collection has been a center point of attention since its inception as its massively distinct from other forms of NFTs and is definitely, an NFT in its better and enhanced form. At this time, the debut of Moonbirds NFTs has caused quite a commotion within the NFT landscape, and that makes utter sense if we consider the list of perks it provides.

The Moonbirds NFT collection intends to combine the nesting quality with the benefits of NFT mounting in the near future. At the same time, its owners are working to provide proprietors of NFTs with complete ownership of the intellectual property rights associated with their NFTs and to mitigate carbon emissions while harvesting NFTs as much as conceivable.

Even now, it is evident that a large number of owners are enthusiastic about nesting and the various advantages that come with it since about 85 percent of NFTs were nested shortly after the functionality was made available to users.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Proof’s Moonbirds have gone off in a very amazing manner. They are certainly something that you should keep an eye for, with the price of one Moonbirds NFT coming in at around $55,000. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen in the next months and years if they will continue to fly among some of the blue-chip holdings at the NFT. Let us hold on for a couple of months and see where Moonbirds are flying next.

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