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ConsenSys confirmed the unveiling of the zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine (zkEVM) network to host private testing. The web3-oriented developer revealed in a December 13 post that the zkEVM network allows developers to launch and oversee decentralized applications by applying MetaMask and Infura tools. Besides, the zkEVM network accommodates Truffle as if the developers were utilizing EVM.

Unique Features of zkEVM Software

The network unveiled is a project to help users link their assets using zkEVM and Goerli testament when assessing smart contracts and other decentralized applications (DApps).

ConsenSys disclosed that participants in the testnet could consider bridging and transferring tokens. Besides, the web3-oriented developer indicated that participants could interact with the DApps on the portal page of the upcoming ecosystem.

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Nevertheless, ConsenSys admitted that the zkEVM is still a work in progress as it will seek the developers’ experience on the viability of accelerating web3-based innovation. Similarly, it acknowledged the community’s input to inform its subsequent step.

Expediting Web3-based Innovations

ConsenSys has previously undertaken a project to wrap EVM computations using zero-knowledge proofs. The web3 developer has cited the capability to verify transactions as the reason to ditch zk-rollups created in distinct networks and separate from the EVM.

Furthermore, it accommodates box integration with the current Ethereum tools at minimal transaction fees without compromising security and user experience. The zkEVM test aims at assessing its capacity to accelerate Web3-based innovation through feedback from the community.

Easier Verification Process

ConsenSys consider zero-knowledge as easing the verification process since transactions are assessed within the separate layers and convey the computation to Ethereum without including the entire input data. ConsenSys admitted the proof that computation completed on layer 2 is accurate and relayed to the blockchain convinced the Ethereum developers to project that rollup solutions similar to Optimism can deliver 100x scalability.

ConsenSys reported that the zkEVM software had attracted increased interest, with the signups exceeding 150,000. ConsenSys clarified that zkEVM will accommodate user onboarding beginning January 2023. Nevertheless, the spokesperson admitted that ConsenSys is yet to determine the compensation of early testers. The representative did not rule out rewarding the testers with new tokens whose issuance was linked to the zkEVM software.

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